R&S CCIE Training Video Updates:
As most of you already know we've totally redone nearly all of the R&S CCIE training videos over the past year. I've removed for sale the vast major of what I will call for lack of a better term, sub-par, R&S CCIE videos that were done in the past by some of our former instructors. After being gone for nearly two years and coming back a year ago I reviewed the quality of the videos in question and the feedback from our customers and decided that these videos where not up to the traditional standard of INE's products and services. We will continue to add more R&S CCIE videos in the future but they will only be done by Brian McGahan or myself.

R&S CCIE Workbook Updates:
We are in the process of testing out a few options to move the workbooks away from a traditional MS Word document format for authoring and PDF for the final product release. This legacy format makes it hard to make even the smallest change without becoming a major project. We are looking into switching over to a web based format (i.e. wikipedia style) that will allow for a faster updating process and better overall reader experience. We will still offer the PDFs for offline viewing and printing but the latest version will always be available through your members site account. By moving it to the web you will be able to optimize and customize your flow through the products. My personal goal is to move away from a separate product model (R&S Vol I, Vol II, ATC Videos, Mock Labs, etc, etc, etc) to a single all encompassing product (workbook and videos) by the end of 2012.

New Troubleshooting labs for Volume II are going to be in beta starting in June with final release by the end of June. We're updating the configuration labs after the TS labs are released. The new Volume III will be released starting this week. I'm working on some changes to the Volume I workbook and hoping to start releasing them next month also.

R&S CCIE Rack Updates:
We're currently using the Cisco 360 topology for my live bootcamps and will start to rent out the racks to customers in June when I'm not running a live bootcamp. The topology is identical using all ISRs (1841, 2811, 3825) and four 3560s but the material is 100% INE's. Additionally the traditional INE R&S topology will be updated to remove the 2600XMs and consolidate the backbone routers starting in June. Not much will change other than the Serial interfaces on R1 and R2 from S0/0 and S0/1 to S0/0/0 and S0/1/0. All R&S rack rentals will also move to a 3 hour rental block as opposed to the standard 6 hour block. This will allow for more flexible starting and ending times.

R&S CCIE Troubleshooting Bootcamp and Racks:
I'm running the first R&S CCIE Troubleshooting bootcamp the following week here in Bellevue. We have 14 dedicated Troubleshooting racks each using 27 1841s, 1 2811 (FRS) and 4 3550s. You will be able to rent these racks in June in 3 hour blocks and access the same lab material that is used in the Troubleshooting live bootcamp. We will also be beta testing instantaneous grading for them in late June/early July.

Lastly I would like to once again extend the invitation out to any former student who attended an INE bootcamp that wasn't taught by me to reseat one of my bootcamps. Contact Jeremy Brown at or myself directly.

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