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The videos for the session will be available tomorrow. A link will be included in the newsletter that's going out tomorrow along with that I'll be posting the link here. Additionally I want to do a three or five day online class covering PfR with labs as even though the seminar ran a full day I felt pressured to get a lot covered in that time plus I want to cover some of the new features that aren't available in 12.4(15)T. Someone could easily see more points in PfR than say OSPF or MPLS in the CCIE lab today so it's not a topic to take lightly. If there is enough interest I'll run the class. We could price it around the $499 price range for the live version to include rack time for the week to do the labs. Let me know what the level of interest is and we could get it on the schedule.


It's 8:30pm here in Bellevue, WA and I just finished the PfR/OER section of the 10 Day R&S CCIE Bootcamp that was broadcast live online. The session started at 9:30am this morning with a break for lunch and we ended up with roughly 10 hours of video. We had over 5000 unique IP addresses connect during the session and at the peak we were pushing nearly 80GB with our content provider. If you didn't attend the live session, the recording will be available at the end of this week or first part of next week. I covered everything from basic PfR/OER configurations using static routes and BGP to very advanced PfR/OER configurations using PBR with GRE tunnels. This should be what everyone needs to help them prepare for the CCIE lab and fully understand PfR/OER.

I'll post an update once the video is available. Additionally I'll publish the diagrams, initial configurations and some lab scenarios with final configuration so you can follow along with the video.

Lastly I'll ensure that this video is made available to our customers free of charge. Unlike some vendors who want to nickel and dime you to death by charging you for material that should be included in their main products, I'm going to ensure if you're an INE customer you get access to the video free of charge.

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