First off where are we at with the Data Center CCIE rental racks? INE is going to offer two types of Data Center rental racks. The first option is a modular rack option where you can rent Nexus 2ks, Nexus 5ks, Nexus 7ks, MDS 9222i, ACE 4710, UCS, etc on a per device basis. This is a new system we developed where you select the devices you want to access during your rental session. The second option are the full scale Data Center racks which include everything on Cisco's CCIE Data Center hardware list. The first option is designed to enable someone to learn the technologies and features without having to pay for a full rack while the second option is designed for someone who is doing our full scale Data Center labs.

What about Data Center CCIE workbook labs? We will have the Data Center CCIE workbooks releasing and racks available the third week of March which is less than a month away. Of course the big difference with INE's Data Center workbook products is that you will be able to actually rent racks to do the labs in the workbooks and use your existing tokens! The workbooks will be bundled as a single Data Center CCIE workbook solution and not a confusing jumble of volumes and add-on products you need to buy to prepare for the lab.

Next week we will be releasing our new Data Center Written Bootcamp course. The course is over 23 hours in length and cover the topics listed in the Data Center CCIE Written blueprint. These new videos, as with all new videos will be available to All Access Pass members for free.

* Note: The new Security CCIE updates mirror the DC update schedule which means workbooks and racks next month. I'll do a post regarding the details next week.

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