Happy Star Wars Day! At INE, we know that proper training leads to greatness. We love celebrating Star Wars and the message of growth, determination, and the power of knowledge it endorses. Also lightsabers are awesome. That’s not up for debate.

Star Wars has influenced and inspired scientists, engineers, and tech-savvy architects since it’s release in 1977. How about you? Have the films played a role in your technology career?

Along with Star Wars, we want to celebrate your continued commitment to your training with a free, limited edition INE t-shirt, when you purchase any All Access Pass subscription.


Free limited-edition t-shirts with all subscriptions!


Whether you’re part of a rag-tag team working together, or you’re going solo, INE’s courses provide the skills you need to blast ahead. From professionals to wookies, we have everyone covered.

Sign up for a monthly or yearly All Access Pass subscription and then show off your skills like the scruffy-looking Nerf Herder you are.

This offer is only good for the weekend, so before you grab a drink with your best buds at the Cantina and get into some mild nefarious plotting, sign up for the All Access Pass subscription that works best for you.

We're excited to be a part of your adventure.

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