We've Updated Our Bootcamps Schedule!

Below you'll find all of the current Bootcamp dates and locations for our 2019 CCNA, CCNP and CCIE Bootcamps. For more information regarding our updated schedule visit


2019 CCIE Written:

   Routing & Switching   Security   Data Center  Service Provider    Collaboration  
January  X  14 - 18 ~ Online  X X X
February X X X X X
March  4 - 8 ~ Reno, NV & Online   11 - 15 ~ RTP, NC & Online  X X X
April X X X X X
May  X X X X X
June  17 - 21 ~ RTP, NC & Online  10 - 14 ~ RTP, NC & Online X X X
July  X X X X X
August X X X X X
September  X X X X X
October X X X X X
November X X X X X
December X X X X X



2019 CCIE Lab:

   Routing & Switching   Security   Data Center   Service Provider   Collaboration 


1 - 7 ~ Online

28 - 3 (Feb.) ~ Amsterdam, NL & Online

21 - 27 ~ Amsterdam, NL & Online  

28 - 3 (Feb.) ~ RTP, NC



4 - 10 ~ RTP, NC

25 - 3 (March) ~ Reno, NV
& Online
25 - 3 (Mar.) ~ Orlando, FL

X 18 - 24 ~ Reno, NV 


4 - 10 ~ Orlando, FL

25 - 31 ~ RTP, NC & Online 25 - 31 ~ Reno, NV
18 - 24 ~ RTP, NC & Online X
April 1 - 7 ~ Reno, NV   X    8 - 14 ~ Amsterdam, NL  

 29 - 5 (May) ~ Amsterdam, NL & Online  

1 - 7 ~ RTP, NC & Online  

   22 - 28 ~ Amsterdam, NL & Online
   29 - 5 (May) ~ RTP, NC
May X X 6 - 12 ~ RTP, NC X X

3 - 9 ~ Online

 3 - 9 ~ RTP, NC & Online

 17 - 23 ~ Orlando, FL X   24 - 30 ~ RTP, NC & Online 

  24 - 30 ~ Orlando, FL

 24 - 30 ~ Amsterdam, NL 
July  X X X X X
August X X X X X
September X X X X X
October X X X X X
November X X X X X
December X X X X X




2019 CCNP:  

           2019 CCNA:  

   Routing & Switching 
January  28 - 3 (Feb.) ~ Online
February X
March 11 - 17 ~ Online
April 8 - 14 ~ RTP, NC
May X
June 24 - 30 ~ Online
July X
August X
September X
October X
November X
December X

     Routing & Switching 
  January  14 - 18 ~ RTP, NC
  February 18 - 22 ~ Online
  March X
  April 29 - 3 (May) ~ Online
  May 13 - 17 ~ RTP, NC
  June 10 - 14 ~ Online
  July X
  August X
  September X
  October X
  November X
  December X







Javier Guillermo's SDN: OpenDaylight course is the perfect building block for those interested in becoming an expert in SDN technologies.




OpenDaylight fundamentals is a comprehensive course that will cover the basics of SDN technology and its evolution from the traditional networking model to the architecture of the open source OpenDaylight controller. It will also cover most common use cases and lab exercises that will teach you how to set up, configure and use OpenDaylight.


CCIE Technology v5 Technologies: Network Management Security is the ninth installment of our CCIE Security v5 Technology series. This course focuses on various features commonly deployed to protect the Management Plane, including fundamental network infrastructure hardening techniques, logging, or Management Plane protocol security.



Key Topics Covered Include:
  • Securing Administrative Access
  • Management Plane Protection
  • Logging
  • Securing SNMP
  • Securing NTP

This associate level course provides an introduction and general overview of REST API, making it a great basis for IT Professionals looking to sharpen their software development skills.



Topics covered in this course include:

  • What is REST?

  • Principles of REST

  • What is not REST?

  • Examples of what a REST interface looks like

  • REST in transit (structure of requests)

  • Security Principles

  • REST patterns and best practices


Our New Microsoft Azure: Infrastructure Implementations course is an essential for any budding Azure expert in the IT Field. 



With the help of expert instructor Mbong Hudson Ekwoge, you will learn how to provision and manage services in Azure, and how to implement infrastructure components such as virtual networks, virtual machines (VMs), web and mobile apps, and storage in Azure. As a student, you will also discover how to plan for and manage Azure Active Directory and configure it's integration with on-site Active Directory domains.


Tune into Marco Alves new SD-WAN Overview Course to learn about the past, present and future of the SD-WAN landscape and technologies.

This course provides an overview of SD-WAN, including a basic introduction to the technology, a vendor landscape highlighting the differences between the main competitors in the space, as well as a market adoption discussion and industry forecast. After completing this course you will be able to discuss what SD-WAN is and what the current offerings available are.

You can learn more about this course by visiting or by logging into your All Access Pass members account. Don't have an All Access Pass? Start your 7-day free trial here.



Rohot DMVPN WebinarWant to learn DMVPN? Join INE Instructor and 5x CCIE Rohit Pardasani on November 11th at 10:00AM EDT for a FREE webinar to learn the features and benefits of DMVPN, DMVPN Phase I, DMVPN Phase II, DMVPN Phase III and IPSec. This webinar is a must-view for anyone preparing for CCIE RS or CCIE Security Lab Exam. Reserve your spot here.


This course is specifically designed to prepare you for the CCNA Cyber Ops labs once they are released. As any expert will tell you, in order to truly master something you need to go beyond a surface understanding and delve into the core of the subject you're studying. Our CCNA Cyber Ops Labs - Create Your Labs Course helps you do just that, it is the ultimate guide to prepare you for the lab portion of the CCNA Cyber Ops Exam. In this video, Bassam Alkaff goes beyond simply familiarizing you with hands on labs and their related tools, he also teaches you how to make your own home labs and understand the core usage and important features of the tools used in them, setting you on the path towards CCNA, CCNP and CCIE Success.




This course will cover an introduction through advanced understanding of Cisco Firepower and Cisco Firepower Threat Defense. All Firepower policies are covered in detail, as well as how to configure and implement Firepower Threat Defense devices.

Topics Covered Include:
  • Management Configuration (FMC/FTD/Firepower)
  • System Configuration
  • Health Policy/Health Alerts
  • Device Management
  • 4100/9300 FXOS/Chassis Management
  • Objects
  • FTD Interface Configuration/Zones
  • Platform Settings (FTD/Firepower)
  • Routing
  • Network Addressing Translation (NAT)
  • Access Control Policy
  • FTD Troubleshooting (CLI/GUI)
  • PreFilter Policy
  • Malware/File Policy
  • Intrusion Prevision Policy (IPS)
  • Identity Policy
  • Firepower Discovery Policy
  • DNS Policy




Tune into David Ross's most recent course, Principles & Practices of DevOps, to learn the basics of this cutting-edge team structure, which is growing in popularity amongst many modern organizations.



This course is designed to provide technical professionals a basic understanding of DevOps. The practices, culture, processes and other aspects of becoming a DevOps organization will be explored.




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