As you’ve probably heard, Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) is one of the trendy topics of technology at the moment , however, you may not understand why it is so popular nowadays. With this blog post, I hope to clarify this.  Before we start, I would like to show you a few important points about Cloud services in general: · More and more services are being migrated to Cloud services by companies. · Nowadays many applications do almost 90% of processing on the Cloud. · Almost 100% of companies... Read More
Our Newest Juniper course, Juniper Security (JSEC) Technology is now live! Whether you're preparing for your Juniper Specialist Exam, or just looking to brush up on Juniper SRX Devices, this course is an excellent resource for IT security professionals. Tune in for 3 hours of instruction with Juniper expert Mauricio Spinelli by logging into your members account here. Read More

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