Working towards a professional level Azure certification? If so you'll want to check out Tracy Wallace's newest courses, included in INE's Cloud training. Each course contains several hours of in-depth instruction, graded quizzes to test your comprehension and hands-on Azure tasks to practice your skills.  Read More
This week, prepare for your AZ-204 certification exam with two new development courses from INE instructor and Azure expert Tracy Wallace. Part of our Azure Developer Associate learning path, these courses give you the foundational knowledge to take on the exam with confidence.  Read More
What are INE Tasks for Azure? Learning requires hands-on practice. It is a simple rule, and one I am happy to say we at INE support with our Azure cloud content. We now have hundreds of hands-on tasks that you can work on while completing your Azure courses and learning paths. Read More
Careers in cloud Technologies are on the rise, which means the need to get certified and stand out from the pack has never been greater. This week, we have released three new courses from INE instructor and Microsoft Azure expert Tracy Wallace- created to help you solidify the skills needed to navigate the AZ-104 and AZ-204 certification exams and get certified.  Read More
Working in a cloud environment is becoming a daily part of many IT jobs. Add to that the fact that 81% of public cloud users have a multi-cloud strategy. This means that not only is it likely that you will need to be proficient in "the cloud" but also comfortable working across multiple cloud providers. Yikes. Fortunately, Tracy Wallace, INE's Azure expert, somehow convinced Jamie Kahgee (INE's IT director and AWS guru) to help him to put together a multi-cloud webinar. Read More
Are you interested in becoming a Microsoft Certified Azure Solution Architect Expert? If so, check out Microsoft Azure instructor Tracy Wallace's webinar: Planning A Cloud Migration.  This webinar is provides an introduction and interactive discussion of the issues, processes, and tools you should understand when migrating to Azure, covering topics such as calculating the cost and return on investment for moving to Azure, defining connectivity requirements, preparing resources for migration,... Read More
INE and Microsoft Azure expert instructor Tracy Wallace presents Part 2 of his Building Applications in Azure webinar series: Containers in the Cloud.  Read More
Microsoft recently announced updates to their role-based certifications for Azure and Data & AI. This announcement comes with a bit of good news and a bit of bad news. Read More
One of my favorite colleagues recently asked me an interesting question: what is the most important thing to know when preparing for a Microsoft exam? Read More
This interactive article is Part Two of a two-part series on facilitating transitive routing over Azure virtual network peering connections. In Part One, I discussed the need for transitive routing, some advantages and disadvantages of the architecture, and alternatives to transitive routing. In this article, I will demonstrate the process of establishing transitive routing in a hub-and-spoke network topology. Read More

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