Virtualization Fundamentals

INE expert instructor Keith Bogart's new course, Virtualization Fundamentals, is the perfect place for anyone interested in virtualization to start understanding how it works.

Virtualization is here to stay. Whether it be virtualized servers, routers, firewalls, or desktops, it seems that in today's world more and more computing devices are becoming virtualized. Terms like VMware, virtual machines, hypervisors, and virtual switches are seen in more and more documents and websites.

But what if this terminology is foreign to you?

Are you new to the world of virtualization and hoping to find a good place to start your journey? Then this course is for you.

Learn about the fundamentals of virtualization, starting with the problems solved by this technology and progressing through various ways virtualization is accomplished. You'll learn about the differences between Type-1 and Type-2 Hypervisors, how Virtual Switches can be used to segment virtual machines, how cloud-based versus on-premises virtual machine hosting can influence your decision, and a whole lot more!

You'll even see a demonstration on how you can experiment with virtualization using a Type-2 Hypervisor and Guest Operating System that are all completely free of charge!


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