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Looking to learn something new? Check out INE's weekly live webinar series. Covering a variety of IT's most in-demand topics, these free webinars feature hands-on exercises and even provide an opportunity for attendees to ask their questions directly to the instructor. Check out our upcoming webinars and sign up today: 

Planning A Cloud Migration with Tracy Wallace
August 11th @ 11:00AM ET

Are you interested in becoming a Microsoft Certified Azure Solution Architect Expert? Are you planning to migrate some or all of your on-premises workload to the cloud? If you answered yes to either of these questions, join Tracy Wallace for a discussion of the issues, processes, and tools you should understand when migrating to Azure. Tracy will cover topics such as calculating the cost and return on investment for moving to Azure, defining connectivity requirements, preparing resources for migration, and executing a migration.

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August 18th @ 10:00AM ET

Are you planning to take the CCIE Security Lab Exam? Would you like to learn how IP Phones and PCs get authenticated to join the network, or how DOT1X or MAB is configured? If so, join INE instructor Rohit Pardasani in his introduction to DOT1X/MAB Authentication. Learn how to configure ISE and troubleshoot DOT1X/MAB authentication failures. Some familiarity with ISE is advised, but not required to join this session.

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BGP Path Selection
August 25th at 10:00AM ET

Join INE instructor Rohit Pardasani for an interactive introduction to BGP Path Selection. In this webinar, Rohit will discuss how to configure BGP Attributes like Weight, Local Preference, AS-Path, Origin and MED to force a router or an AS to take a specific path. This webinar is ideal for anyone who is studying for the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Lab Exam. Familiarity with BGP is advised, but not required to join this session.

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