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Catch up on or re-live all the events of INE's Cloud Week, celebrating the release of INE's new Cloud training. And get ready for our upcoming Data Science Week, heralding the brand new Data Science training.

INE's Cloud Week was full to the brim of daily events and discussions all related to cloud technology. Beginners and professionals alike gathered to learn about new cloud procedures and tools, career opportunities, and more.

INE's resident Cloud and Azure expert Tracy Wallace shared a wealth of information throughout the week, starting with a Facebook Live event announcing the INE Cloud Pass, why it's valuable, what it offers, and how you can utilize it to advance your career.

Tracy also led a two-part webinar on Azure Security Recommendations, elaborating on how to protect information living in Azure and communications, as well as how to audit activity and compliance.

Part One:

Part Two:

It didn't stop there. INE also presented a crash course on Azure for beginners. Tracy discussed resource management, cost management, and more. He also introduced the INE Azure Fundamentals Learning Path and gave a tour of the training process it provides.

The Azure Fundamentals Learning Path isn't the only one available from INE. Tracy also gave a tour of both the Azure Administrator and Azure Architect Learning Paths, while sharing insights on the current cloud-related job field. What kind of career can you have with cloud experience? What kind of responsibilities and benefits can you expect? Tracy covered it all.

After all that, Tracy wasn't done yet. He led a Q&A session, answering inquiries covering a wide range of cloud-related topics. The man is a volcano of knowledge.

Cloud Week also saw the release of FIVE new Azure Administration courses, all available through the Cloud Pass:

While a lot of our content was based on Microsoft Azure, we couldn't forget about the powers-that-be: AWS. INE's exclusive article, "Policy Evaluation Logic in AWS" is nothing short of a free course on the terminology and capabilities of AWS, as well as a step-by-step guide through many AWS processes. Created by INE expert instructor Mbong Ekwoge, it's a in-depth look at how you can enhance your cloud work through AWS.

The grand finale of INE's Cloud Week was giving away a Microsoft Surface Pro 7. The lucky winner was Casey Wood. Congratulations, good sir! 

And so, Cloud Week didn't really end. It will live on in our hearts and memories, and on this blog for as long as all three are functioning.

Thank you for celebrating with us!


Discover the cloud with INE's new Cloud training:

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