Cyber Security month has officially come to a close and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! From blog posts and live streams to daily stats and infographics, our team filled the month with content highlighting all things Cyber Security.

If you missed any part of our month-long celebration, we’ve included a detailed recap of each week’s notable events below. You can also visit our Cyber Security Awareness Month landing page for a daily breakdown and links to anything you might not have had the chance to see when it went live.

Week One

We kicked off Cyber Security Awareness Month by sharing our Red Team Roles, Blue Team Roles, and Purple Team Roles blogs throughout the first week. These blogs showcase the differences between each Cyber Security group while highlighting available job opportunities in each role. 

We continued to highlight various Cyber Security career opportunities with two live streams. The first featured INE Cyber Security Content Director Jack Reedy who discussed how you can plan, prepare, and take your first steps in a Cyber Security role. The second live stream included INE Instructors Chris Leach and Jason Alvarado who took a deep dive into what life is like as a Blue Team member

Week Two

The excitement continued in week two as we shared a blog indicating the importance of building up your cyber team as well as a detailed look at the anatomy of a ransomware attack. On Wednesday we published a whitepaper to help protect businesses and individuals against phishing scams.

Our Cyber Security experts took to the live stream again and continued the discussion surrounding Red, Blue, and Purple Team careers and the differences between each role. To close out the week an infographic breaking down the most common types of cyber attacks went live which you can download here.

Week Three

Even after passing the halfway point, we didn’t slow down. Our experts shared their insight into what penetration testing is on our blog, followed by a whitepaper centered around building a cyber security dream team. We also saw our NSA contributor provide two segments (part one and part two) on lateral movement and what that can mean for cyber security professionals.

Week three also featured an interview with Mari Galloway, CEO and co-founder of Cyber Jutsu, where we were able to hear her story and talk about the importance of cyber security in this digital age. The need for cyber security specialists goes beyond getting a job, it’s about awareness and empowerment in the field.

Week Four

This week, as we brought Cyber Security awareness month to a close, we had a blast connecting Cyber Security to our other verticals in a blog on the concerns of switching over to the cloud, as well as a blog on how to be cyber smart. We also saw Cyber Security experts, Jack Reedy and Neal Bridges in an Ask Me Anything stream as well as our new Red Team instructors on INE Live.

Throughout the month, you may have seen our daily statistics on social media as well. If not, check out our LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram channels! And finally, we have our highlights listed within this post. We have loved providing all things cyber security this month, and we can’t wait to bring the attention to our other IT focus areas. Thanks for celebrating with us!

Did you enjoy Cyber Security Awareness month with us? Send us some feedback and let us know what kind of content you enjoyed the most or what you felt was missing! 

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