Known as one of the world's most popular and in-demand programming languages, knowledge of Python is a valuable skill in any Data Scientist's arsenal. Check out two new courses from INE instructor David Mertz, developed to solidify key skills and to give you hands-on practice in the form of graded quizzes and exercises. 

Python Concurrency and Parallelism - This course will explain the difference between multithreading and multiprocessing and explore the most important Python modules for threading, subprocesses, multiprocessing and concurrent.futures. It will also explain how to manage shared access to resources in both multithreading and multiprocessing.

Unit Testing with Python - This course is designed to show students the importance and reasoning behind writing unit tests; explain how to get started with the standard library unittest and doctest modules; explain and compare third-party test frameworks, including nose2, py.test, and hypothesis; and explain advanced concepts, including mocking, automation, and factories.


Ready to dive into more Python courses? Instantly access over 100 hours of courses, exercises and quizzes with Data Science training from INE. 

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David Mertz
About David Mertz

David Mertz is a data scientist, trainer, and erstwhile startup CTO, who is currently writing the Addison Wesley title Cleaning Data for Successful Data Science: Doing the other 80% of the work. He created the training program for Anaconda, Inc. He was a Director of the Python Software Foundation for six years and remains chair of a few PSF committees. For nine years, David helped with creating the world's fastest—highly-specialized—supercomputer for performing molecular dynamics.

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