With 5 months left before the new CCIE certification exams are implemented, now is the best (and only) time to start preparing for the changes ahead.

The CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure certification program is designed to stay up to date with the latest technology and processes. While it will replace the current CCIE Routing & Switching certification, candidates in the middle of their studies should not fret, nor give up. Any work you've completed thus far will be credited towards the new program.

In the meantime, we're here to get you to the finish line. Brian McGahan (CCIE #8593) is leading a LIVE, 7-week course, covering every topic necessary to pass the new CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure exams and become a Networking expert. This course is available to All Access Pass members, who can join the class on their My INE Live Platform.

Brian will share his strategies for success, preparing students for both the qualifying and 8-hour hands-on practical exams. With extensive coverage of the topics featured on the new exam blueprint and study tips you can rely on, Brian will lay out a clear path to earning the CCIE Infrastructure Enterprise certification.

Questions You Most Certainly Have

Is this course for me?

  • If you've dreamed of being CCIE certified in the year 2020-
  • If you want to be re-certified-
  • If you're still on the fence about whether or not you should pursue your CCIE certification-
  • If you love learning new things-
  • If you enjoy working alongside like-minded, driven peers-
  • If Brian McGahan's voice and presence brings your heart peace-
  • If you're Shia LaBeouf preparing to play a man who is CCIE certified, yet struggles to connect with real people, all while harboring a dark secret-

-this course is for you.

When is this course happening?

Great question. You're good at this. Class starts on Monday, September 30th at 12pm. After that initial kickoff session, all classes will begin at 11am, with 4 sessions a week, for 7 weeks. If that seems like a lot to keep track of, worry not! Every class is already on your INE calendar in your Members Account.

Do I need a Trapper Keeper?

No. But it never hurts to have one.

I really want to take this class, but I don't have an All Access Pass! Is there a way to beat the system?

Aw, you scamp! Just sign up for the All Access Pass! Both monthly and yearly subscriptions are available. In addition to being able to take Brian's course, you'll also have access to INE's entire library of high-quality, expert IT training videos, with unlimited, on-demand streaming. Additionally, you'll be able to track your progress through each course and Learning Path as you work towards your goals. You'll also have access to workbooks and practice exams, giving you the hands-on practice you need to be ready for real-world technical mayhem.

Jump to the Front of the Line

Take advantage of this opportunity to get ahead of the game. You can be one of the first out of the gate to earn the new CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure certification and establish yourself as a leader in your field.


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