Our Cloud Week celebrations continue and great content keeps raining down. INE and Cloud expert instructor Tracy Wallace has created a special crash course for beginners on Azure and you can watch it, for free, right now.

Perhaps you're more of an AWS or Google Cloud person. Maybe you want to have a quick refresh of the fundamentals. Or you've always wondered what the Azure fuss was about. This may even be the first time you've ever even heard of Azure and you're thinking "What?".

This video is the perfect launching point for a basic understanding of Microsoft Azure. Tracy is here to share his insights, knowledge, and experience with anyone who falls into the above categories and then some.

Three Things You Need to Get Started in Azure provides an essential overview of how to best begin your Azure journey. After going over a general description of Azure, Tracy elaborates on cloud architecture, cloud service options, and on-premises information systems architecture.

He also shares some of the many career options available in the world of Azure and how general cloud knowledge can boost your career in any IT field. Then Tracy gives an exclusive look into the Azure Learning Paths provided by INE, showing the courses involved, how everything is laid out, and the best way to utilize them for your training.

And he does it all in 13 minutes.

Make the most of your coffee break today and enjoy!


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