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Hey, cloud fans! Have we got some good news for you.

INE is now offering a brand new Cloud Pass subscription.

If you're solely focused on cloud-based training and education, this pass is perfect for your goals. With an INE Cloud Pass, you'll have access exclusively to all of INE's expert, cloud content.

You won't have to worry about navigating your away around a bunch of courses and topics you're not interested in, just to find the cloud training you want. The Cloud Pass keeps you focused, providing the content you care about.

Expert Cloud Content? Like What?

'Like what', you say.

The INE Cloud Pass includes courses pertaining to Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, and more. Ideal for beginners and professionals alike, each course is created and led by an industry expert, sharing their experiences and best practices.

As great as expert instruction is, nothing matches the opportunity to learn by doing. All courses allow you to dive right into the action with practical exercises and activities based on real-world scenarios. You can apply your new skills in real time.

Even better, if you're looking to earn any of the valuable Microsoft Azure certifications currently available, the INE Cloud Pass grants you access to our exclusive Azure Certifications Learning Paths.

Each Learning Path gathers every course you need to work through in order to ace your exam and keeps them in one, simple location. You can easily track your progress without worrying about organizing your course work or that you might miss an important topic.

New courses are consistently released, so you can count on always being up-t0-date on the latest cloud developments. You'll also be able to take advantage of cloud-related special events and webinars for no extra cost.

That's Perfect for All My Cloud Needs! What Else Could I Want?

How about two additional passes FOR FREE?

Take a second. Get yourself off the floor.

Yes, it's true. The INE Cloud Pass also includes our Development and IT Essentials Passes. The courses you'll find there are fundamental for any career in the IT field, enhancing your capabilities as a cloud practitioner. Consider it a reliable "How-To" guide you can refer to for nearly anything you might encounter within tasks and projects.

We'll be showcasing the details around these two passes in a future blog post, but trust us when we say that when you see everything included (FOR FREE) with your Cloud Pass, you're gonna be all like....woah.

Wait...What About the All-Access Pass?

All good things must come to an end and we will always look back on our times with the All-Access Pass with fondness. If you already have an active All-Access Pass subscription, that does remain valid as long as it doesn't expire.

If you're still really attached to the idea of the All-Access Pass, you can still recreate what you once had with an INE Bundle. You can save money when you purchase both the Cloud Pass AND the Networking Pass. With their powers combined, you'll once again have complete access to every course INE offers.

Exciting Times! I Feel Like Celebrating!

So do we! That's why we're celebrating the Cloud Pass with...



I Want to Go to There

Look around. You're already here.

We're celebrating all week with Cloud-related events, videos, products, and giveaways.

Our Monday kick-off is on Facebook Live at 3:00PM with our Azure & Cloud expert Tracy Wallace, who will serve as a master of ceremonies throughout the week.

Tuesday offers a live, free webinar covering Azure security. Claim your spot now.

Take a crash course on Azure Fundamentals with Tracy on Wednesday. The video content will be posted on our Cloud Week page.

Discover all the benefits of our Azure Learning Paths as Tracy walks you through what they cover, how they support your training, and the best ways to utilize them. The video content will be posted on our Cloud Week page.

After spending a week celebrating and learning, you might have some questions to ask. Tracy will be hosting a live Q&A session from 2:00PM - 4:00PM which you can join to discuss any of your cloud questions with an industry expert. Be sure to register here.

You Mentioned a Giveaway?

We did.

We're giving away a Microsoft Surface Pro 7 because presents are great. If you'd like to be entered to win, register now for one of our Cloud events OR complete the form located at the bottom of the Cloud Week page.

The winner will be announced on Friday afternoon.

I'm In

Excellent. We are, too.

See you this week!


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