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INE's new, segmented plans are designed to help you create a training program that is uniquely yours.

We are excited to announce that INE Training is now available in a new, more individualized program. In lieu of the All Access Pass, INE now provides you the opportunity to zero in on the technology and training that matters most to you.

More Options, More Flexibility, Same Great Content

INE now offers six separate passes, each focused on a specific technology. We’ll share a more in-depth look at each pass in upcoming blog posts.

INE Networking Pass - This pass encompasses the entirety of INE’s Networking content and is ideal for anyone working towards their Cisco certifications. Those who purchase the Networking Pass will also get the IT Essentials and Development Passes included at no extra cost.

INE Cloud Pass - Covering expert training for Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, and more, the INE Cloud Pass prepares users to navigate cloud computing and establish a career in the field. Those who purchase the Cloud Pass will also get the IT Essentials and Development Passes included at no extra cost.

INE IT Essentials Pass - Included with both the Networking and Cloud passes, INE’s IT Essentials is a foundational tool-kit, providing introductory courses on a variety of technologies. This pass is currently not available to purchase individually.

INE Development Pass - Also included with both the Networking and Cloud passes, INE’s Development Pass guides users through the basics of many programming and cloud computing options. This pass is currently not available to purchase individually.

INE Cyber Security Training - INE’s cyber security brand is eLearnSecurity. Through a blend of in-depth content and real-world simulations, eLearnSecurity’s detailed courses, training paths, and certifications equip businesses and individuals with the skills needed to take on the cyber security challenges of today and tomorrow. These courses are available for purchase on eLearnSecurity’s website.

INE Data Science Training - INE’s Data Science brand, RMOTR, creates accessible, engaging courses, ideal for beginners and professionals alike. Covering Python, Pandas, NumPy, and more, RMOTR provides the structure every Data Scientist needs to succeed. This pass is available for purchase on RMOTR’s website.

What About the All Access Pass?

While the All Access Pass is no longer available, you can still have the complete INE package.

An INE Bundle provides everything previously included with the All Access Pass. By purchasing both the Networking and Cloud Passes together, which already come with the IT Essentials and Development Passes, you can access all of INE’s 15,000+ training videos.

If you already have an All Access Pass subscription, the benefits and price will remain the same as long as the account is still active. Should you choose to unsubscribe at any time and later wish to reinstate your INE membership, you will need to purchase the INE Bundle to regain access to everything you had previously.

At this time, the option to include eLearnSecurity or RMOTR courses in an INE Bundle is unavailable.

But Why?

We want to offer you more choices and more opportunities to shape the career you want the way you see fit. You can still choose between a monthly or yearly subscription. All content, by INE, eLearnSecurity, and RMOTR, remains on-demand.

You can decide what you want to study. You can decide which payment plan works best for your budget. You can decide when to schedule your training.

Instead of being overwhelmed by content, you can focus on exactly what you need. A streamlined, precise training experience helps you to continue moving forward, with fewer distractions and a clearly established goal.

We understand that everyone within the IT industry works with a variety of technologies and has different plans and hopes for their career. We also believe that effective IT training should be built to support anyone who wants to enter the field, no matter what they want to do, what experience they may or may not have, and when they’re able to study.

INE’s new segmented subscriptions are designed to support your personal career journey. All of the tools are here. You only have to pick up the ones you need most. Then the future is yours to build.


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