Ansible basics-1Ansible is fast becoming one of the most used open source automation tools in IT. Having a basic understanding of how Ansible works is helpful for any IT position, and for those trying to get into the field it's a valuable skill that employers are now looking for. Our new Ansible Basics course will help you understand everything you need to really get automating, from installation to writing your first playbook.

This course is aimed at network engineers, but the basic concepts are the same if you are automating AWS, Linux or Windows - Anisble can do it all. All you need in order to get started with this course is a basic understanding of Linux and some hosts to automate.

Topics Covered in this Course:
  • What is Ansible?
  • How to install Ansible
  • Understanding the hosts file
  • Writing and running your first playbook
  • A quick look at Ansible Tower

Ready to get started? Head over to our All Access Pass site to watch the full course.

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