OP 3 - INE brandingSome say data makes the world go round. At INE, we believe it’s the data science professionals, the ones who find true value in a sea of numbers, that allow modern commerce to thrive and Earth to continue spinning on its axis. Because of that, data science is a quickly growing field, and employers around the world are searching for qualified, trained professionals to help them make sense of big data.

INE is proud to introduce our Data Science Pass. The latest addition to our IT educational solutions allows students to prepare for a career as a data science professional through a hands-on approach to learning that combines video classes with practical exercises.

When training with INE, you are mastering knowledge from data science experts with years of experience in the field. That means learning Python, Pandas, Machine Learning, NumPy and much more from veterans of the industry.

Learn Through Experience

To truly break into the field, coursework alone is not enough. You need real-world training and firsthand practice. INE’s Data Science Pass blends hands-on exercises with your coursework to reinforce what you’re learning in each course. Our programming exercises are interactive coding tasks that allow students to apply what they’ve learned while running tests for accuracy. Practice as many times as you like and receive feedback on any or all of your code.
You will also start building your GitHub portfolio by applying what you learned from our instructors and creating tangible data science projects. Why are your GitHub projects essential to your training? By building projects throughout your course work, you are building a digital portfolio employers will use to evaluate your skills when you’re starting your career as a data science professional.


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If you’re ready for a new path, start your data science journey today.

In case you missed it INE’s Data Science Week page includes everything you need to start your Data Science journey on the right foot. Whether you’re a data scientist in training or curious about the field, you can find free courses, blog posts and webinars devoted to all things data! 

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