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 PKI & Digital Certificates 

 About The Course:

This course will explain the components of the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and introduce you to several of its critical elements such as; Asymmetric Key Encryption, Hash Algorithms, Trusted Root Certificate Authorities, how to view Digital Certificates and understand the fields within them, Certificate Revocation methods, and much, much more.

Topics covered include:
  • What is PKI? 
  • Overview of asymmetric encryption and Hash algorithms
  • How do Digital Signatures work and what are their benefits?
  • Components of, and types of, Digital Certificates
  • Certificate revocation methods
  • Configuring Cisco IOS devices as Certificate Servers and PKI Clients


Why You Should Watch:

Understanding the components of a PKI and how Digital Certificates provide security will help you whether you are the administrator of a secure website, studying for a Security-related certification exam, or just curious about the process. Without a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), we wouldn't have the Internet that we have today. Over 50% of all websites utilize Secure HTTP (HTTPS) which relies on a PKI and the exchange of Digital Certificates. This course can, and will,  assist anyone working towards their CCNA/CCNP and CCIE Security exams, or anyone who wants to learn more about securing their network, in grasping the inner-workings of PKI. In this course Kieth covers essential topics such as how to recognize secure (and insecure) websites and how to (or help your web developers) make your websites more secure. 



The good new is, in order to gain something from this course you don't need to be a security or IT expert. If you know what the Internet is, and you know how to browse websites, you're on the right track! 




About The Instructor:


Keith Bogart has been a staff author and instructor at INE since 2014. Prior to that he spent over 17-years at Cisco Systems as one of their in-house Technical Instructors and Course Developers. Keith has a passion for breaking complex topics of data networking down into manageable, bite-sized pieces and demonstrating their relevance in real-world scenarios to worldwide learners. When he's not teaching or learning a new topic he is spending time with family or friends...or sleeping.




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