Discover key skills needed to master technologies within Data Science with INE instructor David Mertz's latest course- now a part of INE's Data Science training.

Python Standard Library - This course will summarize the most widely used modules in the Python standard library and provide quick mention of the general purpose of less widely used modules. It will cover the OS tools: sys, os, pathlib, stat, shutil, tempfile; the file formats: csv, zlib, gzip, zipfile, pickle, sqlite3; the programming tools: itertools, functools, operators, collections, dataclass; and the tools for writing scripts: argparse, time, and secrets.

Want to be a Python Data Scientist? Start your journey with unlimited access to this course and 100+ hours of additional training, as well as hands-on practice with assessments and quizzes.

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David Mertz
About David Mertz

David Mertz is a data scientist, trainer, and erstwhile startup CTO, who is currently writing the Addison Wesley title Cleaning Data for Successful Data Science: Doing the other 80% of the work. He created the training program for Anaconda, Inc. He was a Director of the Python Software Foundation for six years and remains chair of a few PSF committees. For nine years, David helped with creating the world's fastest—highly-specialized—supercomputer for performing molecular dynamics.

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