For a novice, entering the information security field can be overwhelming. You may not know what the career paths are, and professionals tend to use a lot of industry jargon. Being an IT security professional means having a strong technical background and a deep understanding of the penetration testing process.

As part of our official INE Cyber Security launch, check out three of our debut courses, also part of the Penetration Testing Student Learning Path. These courses cover prerequisite topics introducing you to information security, programming, and pentesting. The learning path also prepares you for the eJPT exam and certification, as well as provides the information required to start your career into pentesting.

Penetration Testing Prerequisites - The Penetration Testing Prerequisites course introduces you to information security, providing foundational skills on computer networks, protocols, web applications, and the penetration testing process. Through theoretical and hands-on sessions, you will be exposed to the technical aspects of systems, networks, and applications, where you will also gain a deep understanding of the differences between hacking, vulnerability assessment, and penetration testing.

Penetration Testing: Preliminary Skills & Programming - Performing a penetration test means attacking software and systems. Understanding and mastering basic programming techniques not only make Pentesters better professionals but also helps in automating tests and attacks. Being able to understand and write code is an extremely powerful weapon in every Pentesters arsenal. You will be introduced to C++, Python, and Command-Line Scripting in the Penetration Testing Preliminary Skills & Programming course.

Penetration Testing Basics - The Penetration Testing Basics course covers the most important technical aspects of penetration testing. You will learn techniques, tools, and a professional penetration testing methodology. This course covers different phases from information gathering through footprinting, as well as scanning and vulnerability assessment, up to the exploitation phase. You will also become familiar with typical infrastructural and web-based attacks, with real-world examples explained step-by-step.

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