Designing an SD-Access Solution, led by INE expert instruction Virgilio Vargas, is now available for INE Networking Pass users.

The Cisco DNA Architecture allows Network Administrators to focus on the Business Intent, rather than manual and repetitive configurations. Careful designing and planning of an SD-Access solution is the first step towards a successful implementation.

In this course, you will learn about the physical, network, and controller management, as well as partner layers of the DNA Architecture. Learn what it requires and the best practices for the Network Underlay.

Understand the importance of the LISP protocol in SD-Access and the different campus Fabric Components. Learn the differences between the various Node Types and their purpose in SD-Access. Review site design strategies for the SD-Access Fabric Architecture, Fabric Deployment models, and Site References.

Dive deep into the Control, Data, and Policy Plane of SD-Access and the protocols that make this solution operate. Find out how Micro and Macro segmentation works, and the importance of Virtual Networks (VN) and Scalable Group Tags (SGTs).

Finally, review Wireless technologies and devices and how they fit into the Cisco DNA Solution.


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