The last year has been a point of pivoting and change for many companies, including us. We’ve been listening to and addressing the feedback so many of you have shared the past few months. With that, we are excited to offer a completely new pricing structure, which includes access to all our training verticals at a lower price point as well as a new monthly subscription option. We believe this update will make our training more accessible for all budgets, allowing us to continue providing valuable IT education materials to as many people as possible.

Current Subscribers

As an existing INE subscriber, you have the option to upgrade your current plan to receive full access to our entire library, and receive a credit for the difference in price to be used for your future renewal. Check out the video below to see what this update means for you and how you can upgrade your subscription at no cost.

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Now is the perfect time to start your IT training, no matter which area you are interested in pursuing. If you're ready to claim your spot in the lucrative information technology field? Check out all our new subscription options now!

Pricing Table

Still have questions? Here's a dedicated FAQ page
 for answers to many of your questions or feel free to reach out to our client success team 24 hours a day at support@ine.com.

Our primary goal at INE is to set our students up for successful IT careers. We believe our new lower price point will make our training more accessible for all budgets while allowing us to continue providing valuable IT education materials. We are excited to follow you on your IT training journey and invite you to share your experiences with us at support@ine.com

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About INE

INE is the premier provider of technical training for the IT industry. INE is revolutionizing the digital learning industry through the implementation of adaptive technologies and a proven method of hands on training experiences. Our portfolio of trainings is built for all levels of technical learning, specializing in advanced networking technologies, next generation security and infrastructure programming and development. Want to talk to a training advisor about our course offerings and training plans? Give us a call at 877-224-8987 or email us at sales@ine.com

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