Programming in Python is pretty awesome. Python is my default language of choice when I need to write some code. It gives me the freedom to create and materialize my ideas. It’s something that I would do even if I did not get paid for it. I love the language and the community around it; truth be told, I can’t imagine where my career would be if I hadn’t discovered Python many years ago. Read More
Course Description: Our Introduction to Penetration Testing Course is for anyone who has started in the security work field and wants to learn more about penetration testing, or those who find it difficult to present findings properly into a report or presentation. Read More
Our new Deep Dive Into AWS: CloudFormation & Infrastructure as Code course will provide an in depth overview of the CloudFormation service by AWS. We will discuss the possibilities of CloudFormation, including but not limited to; resource types, stack management, auditing and security, Lambda integration and more.   Read More
Cybersecurity specialists often talk about the dangers users and businesses are exposed to by having an online presence. However, this vital conversation tends to ignore the origins of a cyberthreat. Instead, we typically focus on the actual operation of the threat, its technical details, and the prevention/remediation possibilities associated to it. Read More
You asked, we listened. We’ve added over 60 hours of new cybersecurity content, featuring CCIE Security v5 and more! It’s the security training you’ve been ready and waiting for. Thanks to Piotr Kaluzny (CCIE #25665), INE instructor and Novodyne founder & CEO, All Access Pass subscribers can jump to the front of the line with the latest cybersecurity programming. Piotr has developed an in-depth CCIE Security v5 training program that is an invaluable asset to anyone preparing for their exams.... Read More
Our new CompTIA Project+ course will cover the topics necessary to prepare you for the Project+ PK0-004 exam. We will discuss project basics, project constraints, communication and change management, and project tools and documentation. Upon mastery of the content, you will be able to manage the project life cycle, communications, resources, stakeholders, and associated documentation. Read More
In all my travels, I visit a heck of a lot of customers with a variety of Firepower gear and different Firepower Management Centers (FMCs). What I often find is that most of my customers have her been oversold or undersold on the processing/storage/memory for their FMC hardware. Now, in the sales person’s defense, finding the right FMC for a large network isn’t that easy. So, they look for a quick fix. If they can sell the best, most expensive 4500, which is the largest/fastest Cisco has to... Read More
Don't Forget to tune into my Load-Balancing with PVST+ webinar tomorrow morning! When it comes to the Spanning-Tree Protocol, many people understand the basic concepts such as Root Bridge election, Root Ports and Designated Ports…and that’s it. But what happens when you have several VLANs, all of which have converged to the same Spanning-Tree topology? This can easily cause link congestion, packet latency and even dropped packets. Do you have the knowledge and skillset to adjust Spanning-Tree... Read More
Our student, Ross Hunt, recently obtained his CCIE in Routing and Switching after attending our CCIE R&S Bootcamp. We love hearing about students success's and love sharing them even more! Wondering if an INE Bootcamp could help you reach your CCIE goals? Read Ross's testimonial to learn what to expect when you take a bootcamp with us. Read More
Cloud Application Architecture - A Structured Approach presents a guide for designing cloud applications that are scalable, resilient, and highly available, plus it will help you build a basic understanding of Microsoft's Azure Services. Read More

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