redefINE day 3 was filled with engaging and thought provoking discussions you won’t find anywhere else! We’ve included recaps of both panel discussions below in case you weren’t able to join us live.


To get the day started, we hosted our “Day in the Life: Valuable Insights From Industry Experts” panel which included INE Instructor Brian McGahan along with John Hammond, Cyber Security Researcher, Kristin Day, Lead Data Scientist, Jason Gooley, Technical Evangelist, and Stephen Reynolds, law partner.


Each panelist gave a detailed look into their current jobs and how they got to where they are today. They gave honest answers to questions regarding how someone outside of the tech industry could get in, what surprised them the most in their role, what emerging trends are popping up and what gaps they may have seen from their current position. If you’d like to hear their thoughts on these topics, be sure to watch the full panel discussion by visiting this link.


We closed out the day with the “When Student Becomes Teacher: First Hand Experiences From INE Students” panel where current INE students Lily Clark, Logan Flook and Chris Frazier gave us a behind-the-scenes look at how training has played a part in their career journey.


This panel was led by INE Instructors Tracy Wallace and Megg Daudelin who asked a variety of questions including how each student got started in the tech industry, where they find motivation, what advice they’d give to those seeking a career in tech and what they’re most excited to learn. The students also shared some tips and tricks that helped them prepare for certification exams and navigate through their studies. If you’re interested in their inside look at INE training, a link to their session can be found here.


Thank you to everyone who helped close out redefINE and make it such a successful inaugural event. Stay tuned for a full recap of each day’s sessions coming soon!

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