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When it comes to the Spanning-Tree Protocol, many people understand the basic concepts such as Root Bridge election, Root Ports and Designated Ports…and that’s it. But what happens when you have several VLANs, all of which have converged to the same Spanning-Tree topology? This can easily cause link congestion, packet latency and even dropped packets. Do you have the knowledge and skillset to adjust Spanning-Tree parameters to modify path-selection for certain VLANs to alleviate that congestion? Do you know how to manipulate PVST+ to cause traffic to go where YOU want it to go? If not, then this INE Webinar will be for you!

If this sounds like a topic you're interested in, join me at 11AM EST on April 16th for this hour long webinar. Registration is completely free!

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Keith Bogart CCIE #4923
About Keith Bogart CCIE #4923

Keith Bogart started his career at Cisco Systems in 1996 as a customer service representative and quickly rose to a Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC) engineer on the “Dial-Access” team. After almost 17 years at Cisco, Keith began his career as an instructor with INE. For the past four years Keith has been creating and teaching many of our online Cisco courses and instructing our live CCNA and CCNP Bootcamps. Keith holds several certifications including CCNA Security and CCIE Dial-ISP. You may contact Keith at kbogart@ine.com or find him helping others in our IEOC community forum.

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