Cloud computing has quickly become a critical component of global business operations of all sizes. As with many other aspects of the IT industry, it continues to evolve and grow, all while maintaining its significance and becoming one of the most sought after skills of professionals in the IT world. 

Although the landscape is constantly changing, our cloud experts keep pace and produce training materials to ensure you can stay in the loop on all things cloud. In honor of INE’s Cloud Week, our in-house cloud expert Tracy Wallace has released the latest and greatest in his series of cloud trainings.

Cloud Management Concepts - This course gives you the fundamentals needed to start your cloud journey by covering three fundamental management concepts including asset management, monitoring, and access management. In addition to these topics, you will learn how they apply to cloud in general, making them applicable to all cloud providers.

INE is proud to offer on-demand course material backed by a practical-learning approach. Whether you’re at home or on-the-go, our resources can be accessed anytime you need them. After familiarizing yourself with the material and concepts covered, you have the ability to take quizzes and completed training exercises to reinforce what you know.

Ready to get started with INE's on-demand Cloud training? Instantly access these courses and thousands of others in Cloud, Cyber Security, Data Science and Networking technologies with a subscription from INE.

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