One of the key facts regarding Access Control Lists (ACLs) that we drill into your head during CCNA is the fact that the lists you create end with what is called the "implicit" deny all. You do not see it, but the effect is undeniable. Any packets that do not match any of the permit statements in your list get deny treatment. In the case of our filtering access lists, this means the packets are dropped. As you recall from the course, this is why we desperately require at least one permit entry... Read More
Inbound 1. QoS Policy Propagation through Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) (QPPB) 2. Input common classification 3. Input ACLs 4. Input marking (class-based marking or Committed Access Rate (CAR)) 5. Input policing (through a class-based policer or CAR) 6. IP Security (IPSec) 7. Cisco Express Forwarding (CEF) or Fast Switching Read More

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