INE's CCIE Routing & Switching Advanced Technologies Class resumes this Thursday via our online classroom.  Below is a list of upcoming class dates, start times, and tentative topics:

There are still a few remaining seats available in the upcoming class days if you are interested in attending.  Note that all customers with an All Access Pass can attend the class for FREE!  Subscriptions to the All Access Pass are only $159 per month, and come with the first two months free if you purchase a year's subscription.  This allows you to get access to the 800+ hours of on-demand videos that we already have available, toattend any of our upcoming online classes for FREE, plus get access to all new content that is released in the future.

Space is limited for this class so if you want to attend the live version you need to contact sales ASAP.

The streaming videos for this class will be posted ASAP, and I will make another announcement when they start to become available.

Below is a sample from the previous sessions of class that covered OSPF Authentication.


I know many of you are anxious to get your hands on the newest version of the CCIE Routing & Switching Advanced Technologies Class on-Demand Videos, and I just wanted to give everyone a short status update.

So far I have delivered the first two weeks of class, in which I've covered roughly about 40% of the total content of the series.  The resulting video recordings are somewhere around 35 hours give or take.  I originally had planned for the whole class to be two weeks long, but since I haven't delivered this class in a few years I always forget how large the scope of topics actually is :)  My current estimate is that it will take me another three weeks of class to complete the series, with the end result being somewhere around 90 hours of videos or so.

Up to this point the following topics have been covered:

  • Ethernet Switching
  • Frame Relay
  • HDLC
  • PPP
  • IP Routing
  • RIPv2
  • OSPF

This means that the topics that are left for the next three class weeks are as follows:

  • Redistribution
  • BGP
  • MPLS
  • Multicast
  • IPv6
  • QoS
  • Security
  • Network Management
  • IP Services

There are still a few remaining seats available in the upcoming class days if you are interested in attending.  Note that all customers with an All Access Pass can attend the class for FREE!  Subscriptions to the All Access Pass are only $159 per month, and come with the first two months free if you purchase a year's subscription.  This allows you to get access to the 800+ hours of on-demand videos that we already have available, to attend any of our upcoming online classes for FREE, plus get access to all new content that is released in the future.

Space is limited for this class so if you want to attend the live version you need to contact sales ASAP.

The streaming videos for this class will be posted ASAP, and I will make another announcement when they start to become available.



When Brian Dennis and I first started INE back in 2003, we had one goal in mind, to provide a complete self-paced CCIE training solution.  Together we built our products from the ground-up, innovating a new high quality standard for delivering self-paced workbooks and video based training at an affordable price.  This approach has helped thousands of engineers achieve their goal of becoming a CCIE and made INE what it is today, the industry leader in CCIE training.

Over the years, INE has pioneered many innovations that are considered standards in the CCIE training industry.  INE was the first to offer its workbooks in a volume based series, detailed solution guides, online self-paced CCIE video training, graded mock lab exams, and the first to offer an end-to-end CCIE training program.  We expect our next innovations, the subscription-based All Access Training Pass and our upcoming Unified Training Program, to quickly become industry standards as well.

In 2008, due to the continually increasing demand for our live and self-paced training, we decided to look outside of INE for new instructors.  We knew at the time that the vast majority of our students wanted, and expected, to see Brian Dennis, Petr Lapukhov, or myself doing the delivery of live bootcamps and self-paced video training.  In making these changes, we expected to receive some level of push back from students initially, but not the level we received.  We also figured this would change over time.  However two years later, we still received the same level of push back.  Students came to INE because of the reputation Brian, Petr, and myself had built over those first five years to become the industry leader in CCIE training that we are today.

During these last two years, Mark Snow became part of our CCIE Voice development team.  He has built his own reputation as a leader in this industry, and we have received immense positive feedback about the innovative and high quality work that he's done with us.  Mark's Deep Dive series has been a breakthrough product in the CCIE Voice training industry and you will begin to see similar products in the other CCIE tracks in the coming months.  Mark has since been elevated to head of our voice development efforts, and we're proud to have him as part of our core team of instructors.

For 2011 and moving forward our core team of instructors are:

  • Brian Dennis, CCIE #2210 in R&S, ISP Dial, Security, Service Provider, and Voice
  • Brian McGahan, CCIE #8593 in R&S, Service Provider, and Security
  • Petr Lapukhov, CCIE #16379 in R&S, Security, Service Provider, Voice, and CCDE #2010::7
  • Mark Snow, CCIE #14073 in Voice and Security

INE is refocusing on its original roots in response to our student feedback received over these last two years.  With our core team of instructors, we re-commit to delivering high quality and innovative self-paced training at an affordable price. We are now in the process of releasing new product updates with a quality level that our students have come to expect from us as the industry leader in CCIE preparation.  These updates include, but are not limited to:

  • CCIE Routing & Switching Advanced Technologies Class-on-Demand
  • CCIE Security Advanced Technologies Class-on-Demand
  • CCIE Service Provider Advanced Technologies Class-on-Demand
  • CCIE Voice Advanced Technologies Class-on-Demand

Continuing our innovation in the training industry, we are introducing a new subscription-based pricing model called our All Access Training Pass.  This pass offers unlimited access to all of our online streaming videos, over 800+ hours, for one low price.  This includes our entire library of routing & switching, voice, security, and service provider video products, as well as our technology deep dives and exam courses.  Subscriptions also include access to any new video training products that are released during the subscription.  CCIE track specific workbooks can to also be added to subscriptions for just one low price.  Specific pricing information can be found here.

This simplified pricing model will give our students more flexibility in accomplishing their certification goals and learning new topics needed for the real-world.  For example, let's assume that when you start your subscription your goal is to progress from CCNA Routing & Switching to CCNP Routing & Switching.  However, six months down the road, your job role changes to be more VoIP oriented.  Since you already have access to all of our CCNA Voice videos, CCNP Voice videos, and all VoIP related content in the Unified Knowledge Library, you can hit the ground running!  This model is also great for any engineers that want to explore a new technology area for real-world deployment, such as MPLS or IPv6, without having to dedicate themselves to an entire certification track like CCIE Service Provider.  We are confident that going forward this pricing model is the best for both our students and for us as a business, and that in time our competitors will follow suit.

Currently the All Access Training Pass includes the following products:

  • CCIE R&S Adv. Troubleshooting Class-on-Demand
  • CCIE R&S Implementing IPv6 Video Series
  • CCIE R&S Implementing Layer 2 Technologies
  • CCIE R&S Implementing Multicast Video Series
  • CCIE R&S Implementing Network Services Video Series
  • CCIE R&S Implementing Security Video Series
  • CCIE R&S Lab Preparation Class-on-Demand
  • CCIE R&S v4.0 Advanced Technologies Class-on-Demand
  • CCIE R&S Written Bootcamp Class-on-Demand
  • CCIE R&S 5-Day Bootcamp Class-on-Demand
  • CCIE R&S Advanced Technologies Class
  • CCIE R&S Written 4 Day Bootcamp
  • CCIE R&S Written 5 Day Bootcamp
  • CCIE R&S Bootcamp Lab Walk-Thrus
  • CCIE R&S Core Knowledge Simulation
  • CCIE R&S Lab Meet-Up Series
  • CCIE R&S Open Lecture Series
  • CCIE R&S Video Companion Series Volume II
  • CCNP Bootcamp Class-on-Demand 2.0
  • CCNP Bootcamp Lab Workbook
  • CCIP/CCVP QoS Self Paced
  • CCENT Class-on-Demand
  • CCNA Bootcamp Class-on-Demand
  • CCNA Bootcamp Interactive Class-on-Demand
  • CCNA Wireless Bootcamp Class-on-Demand
  • 642-611 MPLS Bootcamp
  • 642-661 BGP Bootcamp
  • 642-813 SWITCH Training
  • 642-832 TSHOOT Training
  • 642-873 ARCH Bootcamp
  • 642-902 ROUTE Training
  • CCDA 5-Day Bootcamp
  • ICND1 Class-on-Demand
  • ICND2 Class-on-Demand
  • CCIE Voice Core Knowledge Simulation
  • Voice Advanced Technologies Class-on-Demand v3.0
  • CCIE Voice Advanced Technologies Class
  • Voice Bootcamp Class-on-Demand v3.0
  • Deep Dive: Network Infrastructure with Quality of Service - In Depth
  • Deep Dive: CUOS GUI and CLI Admin - Speed Tips
  • Deep Dive: CUCM System and Phone - SCCP and SIP Fundamentals and Advanced
  • Deep Dive: Users, Credentials, Multi-Level Roles and LDAP - More than just a Name
  • Deep Dive: Call Features - In-Depth
  • Deep Dive: Media Resources - MTPs, Conf Bridges, Annunciator and Music on Hold
  • Deep Dive: Gateways & Trunks - More than you knew possible about ISDN, H.323, MGCP, SIP)
  • Deep Dive: Expert Gatekeeper - Concept and Configuration
  • Deep Dive: Line Device Approach and the Not so Basic, Basics
  • Deep Dive: Globalization, Localization, and Mapping the Global to the Local Variant
  • Deep Dive: Unlocking Potential of Globalization
  • Deep Dive: CUBE
  • Deep Dive: Unified Mobility
  • Deep Dive: Device Mobility & Extension Mobility
  • Deep Dive: CUCME System and Phone Basics - SCCP and SIP
  • Deep Dive: CUCME Dialplans, Class of Restrictions, & Media Resources
  • Deep Dive: CUCME Advanced Call Features
  • CCVP Bootcamp Class-on-Demand
  • CCNA Voice Bootcamp Class-on-Demand (CVOICE)
  • CCNA Voice Bootcamp Class-on-Demand (IIUC)
  • CCIE Security Core Knowledge Simulation
  • CCIE Security Advanced Technologies CoD
  • CCIE Security 5 Day Bootcamp CoD
  • CCSP Bootcamp Class-on-Demand
  • CCNA Security Bootcamp Class-on-Demand (IINS)
  • CCIE Service Provider Core Knowledge Simulation
  • Service Provider Advanced Technologies Class-on-Demand
  • Service Provider Class-on-Demand (5-Day)

In the upcoming months you will see major changes to INE's website, not only with the All Access Training Pass discussed above, but also with our upcoming Unified Training Program, as well as how we deliver content.  We are working hard on expanding the ways you can access your content so you can have the training you love anywhere you go, including mobile devices, downloadable videos, and portable workbooks.

The entire INE team would like to thank you for training with us.  We look forward to reading your comments, and we think that you're going to love what's in store.


After our recent announcement of our new All Access Training Pass we have received a enormous amount of positive feedback about the program.  In addition to this feedback we have received several questions about the program.  This post is designed to clarify some of these questions.

Q: Who is this training program for?

A: This program is targeted towards students who are on a tight budget, and are looking to get the most amount of training for a small amount of money.  Also, it allows for anyone studying for their CCIE to use the most expensive stand alone products, like the R&S Advanced Technologies Class, along with other training products at a much lower cost.  Lastly, it ensures you are covered when new products are released.

Q: Is this product just for R&S and Voice candidates?

A: No.  In short, Routing & Switching and Voice customers will gain the most value from the subscription, as there are more products in these tracks, however there are new products coming to all tracks which will be added to your subscription.  Also there are some topics that are good for all CCIE candidates, such as the overlap in technologies from Service Provider to Routing & Switching.

Q: What products are going to be released or updated during my subscription that I will have access to?

A: In the next year we have plans to not only update existing products and release totally new products, but also to expand upon some of our most popular products like the Voice Deep Dives.  The core of updates will focus on products that were not developed and presented by Brian McGahan, Petr Lapukhov, Mark Snow or myself.  The Routing and Switching Advanced Technologies Class along with the Security Advanced Technologies Class are just a few examples of products we are updating.  Any products updated or released will be automatically added in your subscription.

Q: What happens at the end of my subscription?

A: At the end of your subscription, access to all subscription products will be removed unless you renew your subscription.  Products that you've previously purchased on their own will remain in your account.

Q: What is the renewal price of my new subscription?

A: Before your subscription expires you will be able to extend the subscription for an additional year for just $999. (Option added at checkout) This is a 35% savings from the initial one year subscription.

Q: Is my subscription auto-renewed?

A:  For your convenience and to prevent interruption in service, subscriptions will be auto-renewed.  You will receive an email reminder when your subscription is close to it's expiration/renewal date and can cancel your subscription at any time.

Q: What products are included with this new subscription?

A: To see a full list of products please visit:

Q: Why are workbooks not included in this subscription?

A: We are looking into adding workbooks as an upgrade option to our all access pass.  The upgrade path will be discounted for previous customers who buy before the workbooks are added. UPDATE: Upgrade options for the workbooks have been added to the All Access Pass.  You will be able to select a specific track at checkout for a one time upgrade fee.  These workbooks will remain in your account as long as your account is active.  Prices are as follows:  Routing & Switching (Volumes 1 -4 ) - $400, Voice ( Volumes 1 & 2) - $400, Security (Volumes 1 & 2) - $400, Service Provider (1 & 2) - $200. If you have already purchased the All Access Pass please contact to receive upgrade pricing.

Q: Are there any discounts available?

A: Discounts will be given for customers who purchase a two or more year subscriptions.  The price for adding an additional year to your subscription is $999.

Find out more about the All Access Pass, and please leave any further questions below in the comment section.

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