A key to the mastery of a CCENT-level of networking knowledge is to intimately understand the use of Layer 2 and Layer 3 addressing when two hosts communicate on the network. This blog post will detail how these addresses are used during the network communications between two host devices (Personal Computers, PCs). Here is the topology that will be used in this example: Read More
Due to the non-decreasing interest to the post about Private VLANs, I decided to make another one, more detailed – including a diagram and verification techniques. Read More
GLBP, an acronym for Gateway Load Balancing Protocol, is a virtual gateway protocol similar to HSRP and VRRP. However, unlike its little brothers, GLBP is capable of using multiple physical gateways at the same time. As we know, a single HSRP or VRRP group represents one virtual gateway, with single virtual IP and MAC addresses. Only one physical gateway in a standby/redundancy group is responsible for packet forwarding, others remain inactive in standby/backup state. If you have R1, R2, R3... Read More
You may want to see the updated version of this post at: Read More

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