I know I haven't been posting each of the updates here, and I probably should be in order to keep people informed....

Anyway... Greetings from the sunny Carribbean! Excellent weather, but REALLY slow Internet, so nothing too fancy coming out of me this week! :)

We currently have 23 modules done in the Routing and Switching Audio bootcamp giving well over 18 hours (and growing quickly) of useful information. I have completed the IPv4 section of the blueprint up through (and including) PfR/OER and Redistribution. Since everything coming next is miscellaneous or pseudo-independent information, I'm relatively up for suggestions on the most-wanted information to come next!

Left to my own devices, I decided that MPLS and MPLS-VPNs will be the next set of information to come given the novelty of the technology and fear it strikes into many people's hearts! (Completely needless as I'll get to show you how simple things can be!) But after that topic is done, I'd love to hear people's opinions about what should come next!

Back to pretending to be on holiday so that I don't figure out who to "vote off the islands" due to slow connections. Expect more updates soon!

In the meantime, check out or your Members account where all of the current updates can be found!


We are excited to announce the pre-release of our brand new, highly anticipated CCIE Routing & Switching Audio Bootcamp. Developed from the ground-up by our own Scott Morris, CCIE #4713 (R&S, ISP-Dial, Security, Service Provider) to match the new CCIE RS v4.0 blueprint, this audio class is packed with over 30 hours of advanced technical material.

This is an ideal option for candidates who cannot afford to lose a single minute of preparation for the CCIE lab exam. This audio class perfectly complements our other technology-focused offerings, such as our CCIE R&S Advanced Technology Labs and Advanced Technologies Class on Demand. This new product is currently being offered with special pre-release pricing with over 7 hours of material already completed. The remaining 23 hours of material will be released over the coming weeks. The final release will be by the first week of October. Don't miss your chance to save $100 off the full purchase price. Sign up today.

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