Working in a cloud environment is becoming a daily part of many IT jobs. Add to that the fact that 81% of public cloud users have a multi-cloud strategy. This means that not only is it likely that you will need to be proficient in "the cloud" but also comfortable working across multiple cloud providers. Yikes. Fortunately, Tracy Wallace, INE's Azure expert, somehow convinced Jamie Kahgee (INE's IT director and AWS guru) to help him to put together a multi-cloud webinar. Read More
Catch up on or re-live all the events of INE's Cloud Week, celebrating the release of INE's new Cloud Pass. And get ready for our upcoming Data Science Week, heralding the brand new Data Science Pass.  Read More
There are a few different times in the year when we naturally feel inspired to better ourselves. We find motivation during the holidays, when going back to school, or as the spring cleaning bug hits. They’re all fresh starts, new achievements unlocked to advance you to the next level. It feels great! Then Day 2 comes around, followed by Day 3, then eventually Day 7, and suddenly it’s been a month and, well, you’ll get around to that goal at a better time. Whenever that is. Read More
A challenge you'll face as a Cloud Architect is that your clients will rate the quality of your work by how quickly you can secure scale resources in the cloud. Read More
Hey, cloud fans! Have we got some good news for you. Read More
Our new Deep Dive Into AWS: CloudFormation & Infrastructure as Code course will provide an in depth overview of the CloudFormation service by AWS. We will discuss the possibilities of CloudFormation, including but not limited to; resource types, stack management, auditing and security, Lambda integration and more.   Read More
    We just released an AWS Route 53 Fundamentals course! The goal of this course is to help you understand how the various pieces of Route 53 fit together by teaching the fundamentals of Route 53, and how to leverage Amazon's Global DNS infrastructure to provide resilient, survivable Domain Name Services. This course is focused on practical, as opposed to theoretical, solutions and covers a wide variety of topics including DNS basics, DNS zones, Route 53, routing traffic to your endpoints,... Read More
Rick Crisci's AWS Cloud Certified Practitioner course is the newest in our AWS lineup. You can view this, and all of our other AWS videos by logging into your members account. Read More
Hello! My name is Miles Karabas. I would like to tell you about my new course, AWS Certified SysOps Administrator, that just got released. The primary objective of this course is to teach the core components and services, and the basic concepts of AWS platform, and prepare you for the Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate level exam. Read More

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