We just released an AWS Route 53 Fundamentals course! The goal of this course is to help you understand how the various pieces of Route 53 fit together by teaching the fundamentals of Route 53, and how to leverage Amazon's Global DNS infrastructure to provide resilient, survivable Domain Name Services. This course is focused on practical, as opposed to theoretical, solutions and covers a wide variety of topics including DNS basics, DNS zones, Route 53, routing traffic to your endpoints,... Read More
Rick Crisci's AWS Cloud Certified Practitioner course is the newest in our AWS lineup. You can view this, and all of our other AWS videos by logging into your members account. Read More
Hello! My name is Miles Karabas. I would like to tell you about my new course, AWS Certified SysOps Administrator, that just got released. The primary objective of this course is to teach the core components and services, and the basic concepts of AWS platform, and prepare you for the Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate level exam. Read More
Are you lost in a sea of AWS? Then get your head in the clouds with INE’s AWS Overview Course, brought to you by Peter and Geoff Douglas. This Video includes over 7 hours of content which will take you through every AWS service explaining the ins and outs of how you would use them. Read More
We've added another AWS course to our Collection. This course is 6 hours and 18 minutes long and taught by James Fogerson. You can view this, and all of our other AWS courses, by logging into your streaming account. Read More
This course will teach you how to use Terraform to provision your AWS infrastructure. It will guide you through setting up Terraform with your AWS account and take you through creating your first resource with Terraform in AWS. Read More
Cloud service providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS) are leading the way to cloud adoption across all industries, changing the way organizations interact with their data. Board rooms already know they need to move to the cloud so it's important to understand the how's and the why's of your cloud journey. AWS has built and made available powerful tools and services to support the most demanding big data workloads. You no longer need to be a data scientist to take advantage of complex data... Read More
Last week, we added an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certified Solutions Architect - Associate Level course to our video library. The course is available for streaming via your All Access Pass members account and also available for purchase at Read More

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