Just ahead of our brand new CCNA Voice live online bootcamp beginning this Monday, I thought it might be nice to provide an easy-to-follow graphic for those starting out in Voice (or on any other Cisco networking track). This graphic was from last year, but remains quite easy to follow for each and every Cisco track. Read More
Cisco had promised us Christmas 2010 editions of these new exams. Those dates have slipped again. Read More
Continuing my review of titles from Petr’s excellent CCDE reading list for his upcoming LIVE and ONLINE CCDE Bootcamps, here are further notes to keep in mind regarding EIGRP. About the Protocol The algorithm used for this advanced Distance Vector protocol is the Diffusing Update Algorithm. As we discussed at length in this post, the metric is based upon Bandwidth and Delay values. For updates, EIGRP uses Update and Query packets that are sent to a multicast address. Split horizon and DUAL form... Read More
To start my reading from Petr's excellent CCDE reading list for his upcoming LIVE and ONLINE CCDE Bootcamps, I decided to start with: EIGRP for IP: Basic Operation and Configuration by Russ White and Alvaro Retana I was able to grab an Amazon Kindle version for about $9, and EIGRP has always been one of my favorite protocols. The text dives right in to none other than the composite metric of EIGRP and it brought a smile to my face as I thought about all of the misconceptions I had regarding... Read More
Just as with the CCDP, Cisco has delayed the release of the new DESGN exam. The DESGN exam (640-864) is expected to be available on December 16, 2010. Here are the topics promised fro the new exam: Describe the Methodology used to design a network Describe developing business trends Identify Network Requirements to Support the Organization Describe the tools/process to characterize an existing network Describe the top down approach to network design Describe Network Management Protocols and... Read More
Just a quick reminder that the CCDA and CCDP exams are updating to version 2.1 on November 8, 2010. Read More
So many students have written me excited for the upcoming Cisco Certified Design Associate (CCDA) 5 day online bootcamp. In this blog post I want to provide everyone with a preview of some of the hugely valuable content in this course. Early in the week of the event, we review a network health checklist from Cisco Systems. We take this one step further during the bootcamp  and show you how to actually obtain these measurements without breaking your budget: Ethernet segments should not feature a... Read More

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