As we reported last April, Cisco changed the CCIE Lab Exam retake policy to an exponential backoff, meaning that the more attempts you took at the lab the more time you had to wait between attempts. Read More
Earlier this year in April, we reported to you about a major change in policy to retakes of the CCIE Written and Lab exam. Just today Cisco updated that policy with a major blow for anyone who has been preparing under the old pretenses. Namely that: "These policy changes will be applied retroactively from the date of a candidate's first lab attempt." The seemingly innocuous announcement can be found on their CCIE Lab Policy page, just above the table indicating how long you must wait between... Read More
Introduction In a continuing effort to protect the integrity of the CCIE program, Cisco has announced a major change regarding the retake policy of the CCIE Written and Practical Lab exams. These changes take effect on August 1, 2014. Assuming a candidate happens not to pass on their first attempt at either a written or a practical "lab" exam within a given track, the frequency with which they will be allowed to retake the exam will change dramatically from past allowances, effectively not... Read More
It's rumored that the announcement for the R&S CCIE v5 update should be coming soon (November timeframe) and the switch over for the lab sometime around March 2014. Cisco Live Europe has a R&S v5 Technical Breakout scheduled for anyone attending. The update to version 5 is rumored to be a 100% virtual lab environment similar to how the troubleshooting section of the lab is done now. The major benefit of the lab going virtual is that the topics covered will be platform independent. You will not... Read More
The R&S CCIE Volume 2 workbook has been ported to our new web format (see below). This format allows you to add bookmarks, add notes (both private and public notes) and ensures you always have the latest version. Additionally you can submit feedback directly to the Development and Editing teams from within workbook. We are also working on integrating our IEOC forum directly into the workbook and plan on having it available late October. Read More
Just a couple slides to show everyone from Cisco's OpenFlow presentation that looks interesting for just about everyone reading this post. Read More
News that everyone has been expecting eagerly: Effective May 10th Cisco is taking the core knowledge section off the CCIE R&S and Voice lab exams! Over a year of existence, this part of the exam received most controversy of all. There has been a lot of things said about how flawed the idea of core knowledge testing was. Firstly, a test of four questions could never properly assess anyone's knowledge. Secondly, error margin was unacceptable high due to vaguely presented questions and unclear... Read More
Today we announced that we are offering a free lab attempt if you spend $4995 or more with us this month. A few people have contacted our sales team with questions regarding this offer so I'll hopefully clarify the most common questions here. Read More
Hi Everyone, we've got a fresh list of the folks (eigth people) who got their numbers last week! Here we go, hope their stories are inspiring! Mihai Grigore CCIE# 25510 (R&S) Daniel Koto CCIE# 25514 (R&S) Jon Harald Bovre CCIE #25493 (Service Provider) Rodolfo Beltran CCIE #25482 (R&S) Mohamed El Henawy CCIE #25453 (R&S) Chris Gray CCIE# 25527 (R&S) Naga Sayeenathan CCIE# 25532 (R&S) Prasanna Ramachandran CCIE# 25551 (Service Provider) Read More

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