Monday May 6th at 11am PDT after the current 10 Day R&S CCIE Bootcamp here in Bellevue has concluded, I'll be holding the second part of the PfR vSeminar. This second part will cover PfR in newer IOS versions. In particular I'll be using the same topology but with a mixture of ISR G2's, ASR1001's and CSR1000v's. The ISR G2's are running 15.3T, the ASR1001's are running 3.9S and the CSR1000v's are also running 3.9S. Additionally I have two of the new 3850's in my topology. They won't be... Read More
Below is the topology that I will be using for tomorrow's PfR vSeminar. This should work on just about any rack setup as I only used one Ethernet interface on each router. Additionally all of the switches are acting as the hosts (SW1 Host A, SW2 Host B, etc). The initial configurations are available in the rack control panel for the R&S rental racks (PfR vSeminar Initial Configs) and available below. R1 and R2 are the "external" routers and they are running BGP with each other as later in the... Read More
Here is the link to the PfR/OER videos as promised. Read More

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