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I hope everyone enjoyed the IPv4 Route Redistribution session on Friday. The turnout was amazing to say the least. We got off to a late start due to needing to split the streams between servers as we had over 2000 people logged in accessing the session. Once we got rolling you can really see how excited I get working on routers ;-) In fact I'll be doing a few of these R&S CCIE sessions a month going forward since the turnout is so good and I really enjoying do this. The flow for these new online sessions will be that I run every session twice to get enough video for a complete product. After that it'll take about one or two weeks to get the final product through editing and into your members site depending on the length of the session. These videos will be free for any AAP member or R&S CCIE Bootcamp customer.

I'm going to be running the IPv4 Route Redistribution session again sometime after next week and span it over two days (6 hours each). I'll publish labs for this next session so after you watch the videos you can go back and reinforce the concepts by doing the labs. Additionally I'll publish the initial and final configurations for the video sessions along with the configurations I capture during each of the breaks. After that I'll go through the videos and get the complete product released.

The next sessions will be MPLS L3 VPNs and IPv4 Multicast. Both of these will be ran twice with the first session being one day in length and the second two days. Also I'll be fitting in a few smaller sessions in between covering other topics.

As a side note the R&S CCIE Version 5 update is just around the corner. The word is that we are looking at a April/May timeframe so I'll try and get all of the R&S topics covered in these sessions by the end of January or mid-February. Most of the sessions will carry over to the R&S CCIE Version 5 blueprint if you aren't planning on taking the R&S CCIE Version 4 lab.


I'm going through R&S Volume II Workbook for the final time before starting on the new R&S CCIE Version 5 labs. If you have any requests as to what you would like to see added to this final revision let me know.

The main focus of this final update will be the first 10 labs. My plan is that after the first 10 labs are done I'm going to go back and create a few different variants of these labs (one with more IP services, one with more IGP, one with just core topics, etc). Additionally I'm going to kill off the Troubleshooting porton and add in full scale Troubleshooting labs using our Troubleshooting racks (28 ISR's and 4 switches).

Once this is released it will mean the Vol 3 and Vol 4 workbooks will be incorporated into the updated Vol 2. We will have two workbooks for the R&S version 4 blueprint at that point.

Update: I received a lot of questions as to the R&S version 5 update and this update. If you own the version 4 workbooks (Vol 2, 3 or 4) then you will receive this update free of charge. If you own any of the R&S workbooks (Vol 1, 2, 3 or 4) then you will be receive the R&S version 5 workbook when it's released. All of the R&S version 5 material will be in a single workbook. We will start releasing the new technology focused labs for IOS 15.1T and 15.3T around July once this update is done.


Edit: This session starts today - 2012/11/01 at 10:00 PDT at

On Thursday Nov 1st at 10am PDT I'll be holding a vseminar to kickoff our much anticipated R&S CCIE Troubleshooting labs, grading and rack rentals to the public. What I'm going to offer is a FREE troubleshooting lab, rack rental and grading to ALL of INE's R&S customers. This means everyone who has attended an R&S bootcamp, bought an R&S workbook or an R&S video product from INE will have the ability to register for one of the troubleshooting sessions via their members site account after the vseminar next week. This is my way of saying thanks for letting INE help you achieve your goals.

The first troubleshooting session will be Friday after the vseminar and we've allocated 8 of our 16 full scale troubleshooting racks for the free sessions and the other 8 for standard rental to the public. To sign up for the vseminar use this link. The link to sign up for the free troubleshooting session will appear in everyone's members' site account after the vseminar.

Additionally next week I'll be announcing our new Nexus online course that will cover the Nexus 7000, 5000 and 2000 series switches. Students will have access to a pod consisting of a 7010, two 5548s, and a 2232 to do the labs used in this course. This will be the perfect course for anyone working on Nexus in their day-to-day job or someone just starting out on their journey for the Datacenter CCIE lab.

Lastly next week I'll also be announcing my 2013 onsite bootcamp schedule and my brand new series of online bootcamps that will start in December.


I've received a lot of emails in regards to the R&S CCIE Troubleshooting Bootcamp that starts tomorrow so I'm going to post a quick FAQ here.

Q - What time does the bootcamp start?
A - The bootcamp will start at 10am (PST) on Monday Oct 1st and 9:30am Tuesday through Friday.

Q - What is the outline for the bootcamp?
A - Monday morning - Introduction and overview. Monday afternoon - Building a 28 router 4 switch topology from scratch. Monday evening - Lab 1 Tickets.
Tuesday morning and afternoon - Lab 1 breakdown and walk-through. Tuesday evening - Lab 2 Tickets.
Wednesday morning and afternoon - Lab 2 breakdown and walk-through. Wednesday evening - Lab 3 Tickets.
Thursday morning and afternoon - Lab 3 breakdown and walk-through. Thursday evening - Lab 4 Tickets.
Friday morning and afternoon - Lab 4 breakdown and walk-through.

Q - How do I join in on the bootcamp?
A - The link to join the live session will be in your members site account.

Q - What about the material for the bootcamp?
A - The material will be available for all AAP subscribers and anyone who attended an R&S CCIE 10 Day Bootcamp.

Q - Can we rent the TS racks for the bootcamp?
A - The TS racks are reserved for students who are attending the R&S CCIE TS Bootcamp and this bootcamp is sold out. We currently have 16 racks but are going to up it to 24 over the next two months. We have just opened up seats for the RTP TS Bootcamp later this month as we're adding 4 more TS racks by the start and 9 overall. If you attended an R&S CCIE 10 Day Bootcamp and would also like access to a TS rack after the bootcamp just let me know.

Q - Can we do these TS labs in GNS3?
A - Yes but I'm going to rework them slightly by the time the first TS lab starts tomorrow evening around 5 or 6pm. I've been beating my head in all weekend trying to verify the labs in GNS3 but it's 11:30pm Sunday night now and I'm just going to rework the topology slightly to work around some of the issues.

Q - Can we rent the TS racks after the bootcamp?
A - Currently most of the racks are being used by students who attended an R&S CCIE 10 Day Bootcamp but after the RTP TS Bootcamp at the end of this month we'll open 10 or so to be rented. A TS lab will come with each of the rental sessions.

Q - Will you be covering tips and tricks for the TS lab?
A - No. I don't teach tips and/or tricks. I leave those gimmicks for others to teach. I will of course cover strategy for the TS lab but the main focus is once again to understand how the technologies work. When you know how the technologies work, troubleshooting just comes naturally. This is why I spend at least 45 minutes to an hour covering each ticket.


Here is the link to the PfR/OER videos as promised.

This recording was taken during my 10 Day R&S Bootcamp here in our new Bellevue, WA classroom so if you ever wondered what one of my bootcamps were like, now you'll know ;-) I did keep the jokes down since it was streamed live and being recorded. Also here is a picture of the bootcamp from the last day. A couple students had early flights and missed the picture but the gentleman on my right was the Bing employee that I was referring to in a couple of the jokes. Hopefully he'll now be infamous ;-)

If anyone has any other topics they would like to see covered let me know. I want to do a session next week on how to prepare for the R&S CCIE Lab but I could also do an additional technical topic. Let me know what you all would like to see: IOS QoS, Layer 2 QoS, ZFW, Multicast Troubleshooting, MPLS VPN Troubleshooting, etc. I could take a lab from the new R&S CCIE Troubleshooting Bootcamp and walk through it. Here are a couple of the topologies we are using: Link


R&S CCIE Training Video Updates:
As most of you already know we've totally redone nearly all of the R&S CCIE training videos over the past year. I've removed for sale the vast major of what I will call for lack of a better term, sub-par, R&S CCIE videos that were done in the past by some of our former instructors. After being gone for nearly two years and coming back a year ago I reviewed the quality of the videos in question and the feedback from our customers and decided that these videos where not up to the traditional standard of INE's products and services. We will continue to add more R&S CCIE videos in the future but they will only be done by Brian McGahan or myself.

R&S CCIE Workbook Updates:
We are in the process of testing out a few options to move the workbooks away from a traditional MS Word document format for authoring and PDF for the final product release. This legacy format makes it hard to make even the smallest change without becoming a major project. We are looking into switching over to a web based format (i.e. wikipedia style) that will allow for a faster updating process and better overall reader experience. We will still offer the PDFs for offline viewing and printing but the latest version will always be available through your members site account. By moving it to the web you will be able to optimize and customize your flow through the products. My personal goal is to move away from a separate product model (R&S Vol I, Vol II, ATC Videos, Mock Labs, etc, etc, etc) to a single all encompassing product (workbook and videos) by the end of 2012.

New Troubleshooting labs for Volume II are going to be in beta starting in June with final release by the end of June. We're updating the configuration labs after the TS labs are released. The new Volume III will be released starting this week. I'm working on some changes to the Volume I workbook and hoping to start releasing them next month also.

R&S CCIE Rack Updates:
We're currently using the Cisco 360 topology for my live bootcamps and will start to rent out the racks to customers in June when I'm not running a live bootcamp. The topology is identical using all ISRs (1841, 2811, 3825) and four 3560s but the material is 100% INE's. Additionally the traditional INE R&S topology will be updated to remove the 2600XMs and consolidate the backbone routers starting in June. Not much will change other than the Serial interfaces on R1 and R2 from S0/0 and S0/1 to S0/0/0 and S0/1/0. All R&S rack rentals will also move to a 3 hour rental block as opposed to the standard 6 hour block. This will allow for more flexible starting and ending times.

R&S CCIE Troubleshooting Bootcamp and Racks:
I'm running the first R&S CCIE Troubleshooting bootcamp the following week here in Bellevue. We have 14 dedicated Troubleshooting racks each using 27 1841s, 1 2811 (FRS) and 4 3550s. You will be able to rent these racks in June in 3 hour blocks and access the same lab material that is used in the Troubleshooting live bootcamp. We will also be beta testing instantaneous grading for them in late June/early July.

Lastly I would like to once again extend the invitation out to any former student who attended an INE bootcamp that wasn't taught by me to reseat one of my bootcamps. Contact Jeremy Brown at or myself directly.


I'm very proud to announce that once again INE will be awarding CCIE scholarships. We will be awarding 8 CCIE R&S scholarships and 2 CCIE Voice scholarships. The R&S scholarships will be awarded one per region: Africa, Asia, Canada, Europe, Middle East, North America (US/Mexico), Oceanic (Australia) and South America. The CCIE Voice scholarships will be awarded globally. Each scholarship includes:

  • 2 Year All Access Pass (access to all of our videos)
  • 1500 Tokens for Rack Rentals or Mock Labs Exams
  • CCIE Lab Exam Voucher (value $1500 to $1800)
  • Complete Set of CCIE Workbooks
  • Live Onsite 10-Day Bootcamp Seat

In addition to the 10 scholarships that INE is awarding I'm going to personally award 8 more that I will pay for out of my own pocket (basically the CCIE lab exam vouchers worth at least $12,000). Some people in the industry like to talk about helping others but I'm going to put my money where my mouth is ;-) This means there will be a total of 18 CCIE scholarships given away in 2012 by INE worth nearly $250,000.

Since INE has been so successful over the years helping people become CCIE's and making INC 5000's list of Fastest Growing Educational companies last year and will again this year, it's vitally important that we give back to the community that has continued to make INE the leading CCIE training company in the industry. It's important for any company in the education business to always balance growing the business with helping people and that's why we are giving back. We try to pass on part of that success by offering free training (CCNA Voice, CCNA R&S, etc), free customized polo shirts when you pass the lab, keeping our pricing low and by offering these scholarships.

To apply for the scholarship you can use the link below:

Good Luck!

Brian Dennis, CCIEx5 #2210 (R&S/ISP-Dial/Security/SP/Voice)

Internetwork Expert, Inc.


We've added a new CCIE Voice bootcamp in London, UK this June, and loads of new CCIE R&S bootcamps to our schedule.

Of course with every 10-Day R&S or Voice Bootcamp purchase, INE gives you your choice (at no extra cost whatsoever) of adding on either:

  • INE will cover your USD $1500 CCIE Lab exam Fee
  • 2 Year Subscription to Our All Access Pass
  • CCIE R&S or Voice Advanced Technologies Class - Download Version


  • 2 Year Subscription to Our All Access Pass
  • Apple iPad2
  • 1500 Rack Tokens
  • CCIE R&S or Voice Advanced Technologies Class - Download Version

Of course, you may still choose to attend simply the first or second week of any of these classes listed on the schedule.


Transcripts, complete with click-to-jump links, are now active for the following All Access Pass* video playlists:

The way the transcripts work is that there is a separate transcript for each video. So if you want the transcript for the 8th video in a given playlist, then you need to click on video 8, then click the tab for "Transcripts". Then you can perform a CTRL+F and find whatever keyword you might be looking for, then once found, click on the link for that line and you will jump directly to that spot in the video. Soon we will be implementing a global search tool that will allow you to search through all transcripts in a given playlist.

I will keep this page up-to-date, and simply re-post the same blog article, each time a new playlist has a clickable transcript become active.

Along with the recently announced bookmarking and note-taking feature, we hope these searchable and clickable transcripts greatly assist you in your studies.

I'd like to also point out that if you were at all interested in attending a Live 10-Day CCIE Voice Bootcamp taught by our own Mark Snow (not a contracted instructor as many "leading" companies have begun doing), you had better hurry up and register for it, as we only have a few seats left in each of these courses:

All Access Pass CCIE Voice ATC Download

*All Access Pass (AAP) is INE's subscription model, giving you access to every single video we have to offer in every discipline we cover. Currently with over 2,200 videos, and more than 2,000 hours of video (all professionally edited with absolutely no breaks), and more being added each month, there is no more comprehensive Cisco-centric learning library available. AAP is available on a monthly or annual subscription basis. A 2-year subscription also comes complimentary with every purchase to our 10-Day CCIE Routing & Switching or 10-Day CCIE Voice Bootcamps.

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