Here is another small sampling those of you who have written in to tell us how our products helped you succeed, after having passed your CCIE Lab in the past couple of months.

Don't look, but there is an unprecedented Buy-One, Get-One FREE Bootcamp Seat offer here. But it's only around until Dec 31. These are the same Route/Switch, Voice and Security bootcamps that many of these successful people below used in helping them to attain their CCIE number.

The road to both my CCIE Security (Passed on Oct. 8, 2009) & Voice (Passed on Sept. 26, 2011) were the greatest hurdles but at the same time the topmost achievements of my life so far but I didn't do it alone. I have partnered with the expert and the best study mate that every CCIE aspirants should meet, the INE.

This dream of mine started 5 years ago when I was still at Uni. They say, the secret to success is visualizing your dream and at the same time working hard on your visions. I did the two. I mapped a 3 to 5 year career plan for myself. Financial resources was the greatest challenge, unlike others who can afford to study full time, I have to work to pay for my exam fees, study hard and sacrificed a lot of things to achieve these goals.

I started with my CCIE in security 3 years ago which means I have been in a "relationship" with INE since then. Everything that I need to know from the workbooks, walk throughs and rack rentals. I even got some good points on how to motivate myself when I failed for the 1st time on my exams. I can say that I passed the 2 exams but not on the first takes by heart. I fully understood the technologies, the techniques and confidently can say that I am a true CCIE professional and a big chunk of this success is attributed to INE.

Unsolicited advice for those who are aiming high on these fields just like me before, put your heart on your dream, visualize it, claim it, work hardest on it, sacrifice if you must and most of all, partner yourself with the best and the expert, INE.

Good luck and may your story be the next on this site.

-Rejohn Ronald A. Cuares CCIE# 25647


The Voice training materials was wonderful, it is an easy way to understand the different technologies in short time, it was always attract me to continue and jump from one chapter to another, I always kept as my first reference in my library

-Ahmed Zaky CCIE# 33090


Thank You INE.....I Cleared my CCIE Security LAB on 8th December 2011..INE Workbooks gives a right guidance & direction to achieve this milestone ... I found INE materials had that perfect balance of doing just that...The workbooks really helped me to have a deeper understanding of the various technologies...I would strongly recommend INE Workbooks to those who are really Serious about BEING A CCIE...:)

-Pramod Shrikant Kamat CCIE# 32635


Big thanks to INE for their superb workbooks and study materials. I passed my RS lab exam on the 1st attempt thanks to INE workbooks and online community. I began studying about 2 years ago and am soooo glad to be done! Back to my social life!

-Matthew McCool CCIE# 32885


Hi All,

I cleared my CCIE in first attempt on 7th December 2011. After the hard work of around 14 months, I was able to clear it. I used INE online racks to practice all the labs as well as different scenarios. Online racks are very user friendly due to great Web based rack Access system available with INE. Also it is very easy to Save the Config and retrieve the config due to this web based Rack Access System. In addition to that INE Blogs were very helpful for me. INE blogs are very simple and clear for some of the topics which are very difficult to understand only by using the Cisco Doc CD.

-Sandaka Ranatunga CCIE# 32555


After 18 months of intense studying with bootcamps and INE workbooks on my own home rack, i finally passed CCIE R&S. INE Vol1 and Vol2 were key to my success.
Thanks to INE!

-Philipp Neidlein CCIE# 32305


I am very delighted to say that I have finally cleared CCIE (R&S). I am grateful to Almighty God, my family and friends for their unwavering support over the past one year. I am glad that I came across INE Resources during this journey, which truly helped me to achieve my Dream Digits (32160). It's been a fun and good experience..! as I achieved what I dreamt. Achieving it has finally relieved me as now, I get to do so many things which were least priority some time before. Hanging out with family, is one of them ;)

CCIE is something every network person can achieve but, he has to have the will to dream & urge to own it. And, yes giving your time & effort to your new professional lady CCIE and adjusting on the personal one will help you achieve it. I am sooo happy to thank INE and it's directions with added hours of studying; which helped me to finally achieve my CCIE R&S.

CCIE# 32160 belongs to me..! ;)

Thanks a ton.....!!!!!!

-Chandrakant Rai CCIE# 32160


INE really played an amazing role in getting my CCIE Voice number. When I first started my studies I bought CCIE Deep Dive and went through each one step by step. I figured out how much these videos are organized in a way that makes you confident when the big day comes and really makes you an Expert in the real world. I spend huge time experience all kinds of technologies and solutions for passing my exam. Mark Snow techniques and strategy helped me a lot in enhancing my knowledge and provided me with the proper guides for attacking the exam. I would strongly recommend INE CCIE Voice Deep Dive Videos for serious people who really want to pass the CCIE Voice exam and become an expert in VoIP Technology. The Videos display the technology and how we deal with it from different aspects. It's like you don't have to worry about what the next step is to do, it just shows you the road for having the solution in a very useful way...Thanks Alot

-Amr Sherif CCIE# 29193


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Many, many congratulations to you all, and thanks for writing in! Your custom polo shirts are being processed!


Here is a small sampling of those of you who have worked extremely hard and passed the CCIE Lab in the past couple of months, and written in to tell us how our products helped you succeed:

My journey to the magic number started 18 months ago. I used two
other vender products to study for my first attempt in December 2010,
which turned out to be a disaster. After taking a few weeks off from
my epic failure, I started my studying again, continuing to use the
other vender's products. No matter how much time I put in, I wasn't
learning the technology. In June I decided to switch to INE. I
scheduled the two week bootcamp for about 6 weeks before my lab
attempt. I then started using your workbooks and watching the ATC
VODS using the All-Access pass. Things finally started clicking.
The ATC VODS really explained the technology, Workbooks 1 and 2
allowed me to skip over the easy stuff and really focus on the harder
technologies, and Workbook 3 helped me build speed. Attending the
bootcamp solidified BGP and a few other technologies that I was
struggling with. Going into my second lab attempt on December 6th,
2011 I can't say I was 100% certain I was going to pass but I felt I
had a chance. I am happy to say, thanks to INE, and a lot of hours
of studying I finally achieved my CCIE R&S. CCIE# 32500 belongs to
me! Thanks so much!!!!!!

Paul Bard, CCIE#: 32500


I've past the CCIE SP new v3 exam on the second attempt. Between the
attempts I've attented the CCIE SP ATC from INE and it proved
especially useful for the CsC / Inter-AS part which are brilliantly
explained by Brian McGahan.
Overall it's a big plus for INE for continuing the development of
materials for the new CCIE SP track.

Kind regards,
Eduard Gheorghiu, CCIE#: 32095


I spent the greater portion of a 8 months moving toward this exam
and the last 4 months locked in my room when home. Using a
combination of the all access pass, rack rentals, and other cisco
curriculum studying for my R&S, I was able to pass on first attempt!
I owe a lot to the excellent quality of material offered here at INE
and in particular Brian McGahan's ability to actually keep me
interested in watching his videos. Thanks! If anyone is serious
enough to dedicate their selves to making CCIE a reality, i highly
recommend INE's products for the task!

-Josh Stout CCIE#: 32447


I wanted to pass along my sincere thank you for your excellent CCIE
products. I recently passed the Routing and Switching exam and
achieved my CCIE, 32385. I found workbooks 1-3 to be fantastic and
they were an instrumental part of my preparations. The fact they
were designed for GNS3 was a HUGE plus. I also used some rack time
and scheduled several mock labs which were excellent in determining
my readiness and also pointed out some of my weaknesses and what to
spend my study time on. I believe your products are some of the best
in the industry as are your blog posts and I wanted to commend you all
for your great work. I will recommend INE to all future candidates!

-Adam Jannetta CCIE#: 32385


Finally I got the magic number!!! I've embarked on the CCIE journey
after reading all the articles about achieving the top certificate in
the networking world.

I choose INE as my learning product because it is comprehensive and
the explanation is very detail. I particularly like Workbook I and
the Advance Technologies Video. With WB I, I can zoom into that
particular technologies that I am weak in and work on it till
perfection. As for the ATC video, it is very well taught and make the
concept easy to understand. Thanks INE, particularly the 2xBrians for
making such a great product...cheers. Choy. CCIE# 32275.

-Wai Yew Choy CCIE#: 32275


I have passed the CCIE R&S Lab and would like to thank the folks at INE.
I started with the 10-day COD and Vol1 & Vol2 workbooks and attended
the Mock lab workshop a week prior to my exam.
The Vol1 workbook scenarios were good and reflected all the sections
in the cisco's official blueprint. Mock lab workshop helped me to
develop my configuration speed, identify my weaknesses and build my
I would recommend INE to everybody who would like to achieve their
CCIE certification.

-Mahender Iytey CCIE#: 32310


I recently passed my R&S lab exam and secured the coveted number. My
CCIE number is 32325.
Behind this achievement, there are lots of people I have to thank
for. First and foremost, I believe in almighty and without his
blessings, this would not have been possible. My wife and son were
extremely supportive during this journey and I cannot repay back them
anyway. My manager was very encouraging and my co-workers always
providing tips.

The first few months of my preparation in 2010 went nowhere with me
studying pages after pages in many books. Then I bought INE product.
Your products are extremely structured and very modular. I wanted to
get a feel of the exam and attempted once in May after going through
just workbook-1. Once I had the feel, I flipped between workbook-1
and 2. I was faster this time in understanding the question and
configure/troubleshooting. Mock exams are very helpful and provide
you an idea where you stand in your preparation. Workbooks 3 and 4
provide a firm grip on the timing. VODs provide a quick access to
touch-base with the concepts in gist. Very helpful.

Overall INE is a complete package and am very thankful to the entire
staff for coming up with such a great product.

-Kiran Ramaswamy CCIE#: 32325


The training I received from the Internetwork Expert on demand
classes and workbooks was an integral part of my success in passing
the CCIE Routing and Switch lab exam. The in depth explanations in
the workbooks was very valuable in helping me to understand and
configure each technology. I also appreciated the fact that INE
supplied configurations for GNS3 and Dynamips allowing me to study
many of the technologies utilizing virtual equipment saving me money
and allowing me to study whenever was convenient for me.

-Curtis Brown CCIE#: 31760


INE WB 1-4 were an important part of my training process. Thanks.

-Daniel Gheorghe CCIE#: 31995


Hello INE,

I am delighted to inform you that I cleared my CCIE SPv3 exam on Nov
8th 2011. I really appreciate help of Brian Mcghan. The CCIE SP ATC
class was simply wonderful. Once I was able to remove all my doubts
in the online class which i was facing during my practice since 2010,
I practiced with INE ATC topology and Brian also gave me a chance to
do Beta testing on his rack for free, which was very helpful. I also
relied on Cisco's sample lab topology. I am really thankful to INE
for the help.

Thank you!
-Ramanpreet Singh CCIE#: 31549


I would like to thank INE for its amazing products that have helped
me to get my CCIE number on my first attempt on 8 November 2011. I
used CCIE R&S ATC v4.5 which is conducted by Brian McGahan, and I
would say it is the best in the market. Workbook Vol I and esp Vol II
helped me to prepare myself towards the full scale lab exam. Other
than that, INE's IEOC is the best community for preparing CCIE.

Thanks INE for its excellent support!

-Alexander Halim CCIE#: 31529


Thanks to INE, i passed my CCIE exam in September, 2011. on my second
attempt. I bought the full self-paced bundle which included Workbooks
Vol 1 - 4, and Adv tech videos, Adv troubleshooting, with R&S Lab
Meet-Up Series Class-on-Demand, R&S Lab Preparation Bootcamp
Video-on-Demand and R&S Open Lecture Series Class-on-Demand. And i
had hands on with the Rack rentals offered on the site.

The Support staff were really helpful. Keep it up guys, you really
making the world a better place in your own way.

-Sokabi Moses Sodipo CCIE#: 30059


Hello INE,

Thanks for the magnificent study material, blog's, vlectures, all.
The material I used really enabled me to dot the I and beyond! It
made the exam much more bearable.

Keep up the best work!

-Marcel Slagter CCIE#: 29677

Many, many congratulations to you all, and thanks for writing in! Your custom polo shirts are being processed!


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Congratulations go to Sinan Yilmaz for recently passing the CCIE R&S Lab Exam! Here's what Sinan had to say about his preparation:

Finally, I passed the CCIE Lab exam on 22 April. It took 15 months to overcome this hard challenge. I used the INE Vol I and Vol II to prepare myself to exam. This documents are incredible. These books certainly complate all missing points in your mind about the technologies. I also followed the blogs that have been written by the especially Brian Dennis and Petr Lapukhov. Both of them are great instructors that can explain easily all kind of complex technologies principles. I used some tokens to practise about TS section of the lab. TS questions are very well planned and good questions, at least when I managed to solve some tough TS questions I felt that I can pass this Lab exam. Thank you very much to all INE instructors who prepare this perfect documents and the blog that you can easily find every kind of technologies and essentials about these technologies. I also want to thank to my great mentor who lead us to the target Bulent MORTEN. I must certainly thank to my family who support me to the end of the journey and of course Thanks to Allah who gives this success to me.


Congratulations to Hemanth Raj, who passed the CCIE Routing & Switching Lab Exam on his first attempt! Here’s what Hemanth had to say about his preparation.

First of all I would like to thank Brian Mcgahan and Petr Lapukhov for their inspiration and also their constant support and encouragement helped me in clearing my CCIE Routing and Switching Lab Exam in my First Attempt

I am proud to say that i became a CCIE. CCIE#28593

I have used Internetwork Expert Vol 1 ,Vol 2 and Vol 3 labs and also used Video on Demand from Brian Mcgahan which is absolutely brilliant which refreshed all my concepts agian.

Volume 1 Technology Labs helped me to get much more in-depth logics in each concepts and with the excellent solutions provided with it

Volume 2 Full SuperLabs provided a excellent platform to improve my speed and accuracy in doing full length labs.

Volume 3 Labs is the most challenging labs of the two and it will really test your in-depth knowledge of your understanding of each and every protocol and also it tests your Troubleshooting skills to a large extent.It is a must-do before your exams

Volume 4 Labs will test your entire troubleshooting skills and also the steps with respect to troubleshooting each technology

Brian Mcgahan's Video on Demand helped me to recollect all the concepts before going to the exam and it is a must before the exam. I really appreciate Brian for his good work.Thank you Brian for that excellent Video On Demand

I dedicate my success to the entire INE team for their quality products and also their excellency in every product their deliver.

Thanks a lot guys

Yours Friendly,
CCIE#28593 (R&S)
Cisco Systems


Congratulations to Nic Bhasin, who passed the CCIE Routing & Switching Lab Exam last Thursday on his first attempt! Here's what Nic had to say about his preparation.

Hey Brian,

I wanted to let you know that because of INE's excellent guidance and course material, I was able to achieve my CCIE at RTP on March 31 on my very first attempt. Not only that, I am sure that I was able to knock it out of the park because of your excellent instruction and invaluable material. That speaks volumes about your material, as a mere two and a half years ago, I had just completed my CCNA.

I do not know if you remember me but we have conversed over email before and every single instance that you actually found the time to reply to my emails was greatly appreciated. I used INE's 2.0/4.0 program, watching each and every riveting minute of the 10 day ATC bootcamp that you recorded with Brian D all those years ago, watching your recorded 5 day boocamp and personally attending your 3 day Multicast technologies bootcamp. It was one of the most fulfilling experiences of this journey, a live class with THE Brian McGahan. I also completed each and every one of the workbooks 1,2,3,4 and the first 4 mock labs. In the end, the exam seemed just like just another day of taking and INE lab. You guys have broken down a fine art to a science.

But INE aside, I really wanted to convey what an inspiration you have been to me personally. The way you rattle of Cisco/IP related facts and technological data in a casual, extremely coherent way makes me want to be a better engineer everyday. I someday hope to budget enough and find enough time to attend a bootcamp live with you.

For now, thanks again for your time and you energy that you very obviously put into this great company.

Nic Bhasin
CCIE# 28547


Congratulations to Jacob Parks, newly minted CCIE #28508!  Jacob recently attended our 12-day CCIE R&S Bootcamp in Chicago.  Here's what Jacob had to say about his path to passing the lab exam on his first attempt!

Brian and The INE Team:

After almost 10 months of non stop studying for my CCIE R&S Lab, I'm glad to announce I'm officially CCIE # 28508.    I can't THANK YOU enough for putting together such an awesome training program.  Furthermore, I wanted to let you know that I also use your material often when researching or making design decisions supporting the Chicago Public Schools network.  So not only has your material helped me out with my CCIE certification, it has helped me out in my job too!

For everyone currently studying for their CCIE, I can't stress enough if you stick to the INE 4.0 plan YOU will pass.  Below are some keys to my success.

July 2010-November 2010

1.  Purchased CCIE 4.0 R&S self paced program

2.  Built my own lab

3.  On the weekends I focused on Volume 1 labs to fill in technology gaps

4.  Listened to 4.0 Audio boot camps weekly.

5.  Went through all the class on demands included with the self paced program.

6.  Studied at least 8 hours on Saturday and Sunday.

December 2010 -Feb 2011

1.  Started going through all Volume 2 and 4 labs. My goal was to complete at minimum one lab a week.

2.  Attended the 12 day boot camp in Chicago in February 2011.

3.  Scheduled as many mock labs as I could.

March 2011

1.  Studied about 30 hours a week going back through Volume 1, Volume2, Volume 4 labs, CCO documentation, INE blogs.

2.  Passed on March 28th!






Congratulations to Brett Saling (CCCIE #25890) for passing his CCIE Voice Lab Exam and for leaving us this positive feedback.

" More than impressed with the talent at INE and their contribution as trusted advisors to my success in achieving this certification. I had the opportunity to spend a week at the bootcamp in Reno and solidify the gaps in my knowledge before facing the actual lab. Being able to throw questions back at live bodies while in the midst of mock-lab tasks is priceless as those 'pesky' questions usually surface when studying and your phone-a-friends are out drinking.

Much thanks to Josh Finke for his time, insight and patience and for having the tenacity to take students under his wing and provide the necessary resources to strengthen their understanding of core technologies.

Cathartic experience for sure. Now time for a little break, a little make-up family time, then on to Security!"

Now we are giving you the chance to celebrate with Brett and get your CCIE Voice.  All CCIE Voice products are 20% off including our v3.0 Training Program and our Essentials Training Package.  This is an incredible savings.  Find out more here.


Hi guys,

Before we do any more technical posting, here is a list of the lucky folks (well, some of them), who got their CCIE numbers recently! Those must be the last ones who have taken the "old" CCIE blueprint. Let's hope the new lab blueprint will not be a problem for those of you who are still preparing. It's our mission to make sure it is not! ;) Now for the list and the success stories!

tough week, been testing and releasing the new updated mock labs!. Now working on the detailed usage guide for IEWB-RS VOL1, to allow people get the most use of their limited study time!

  • Martin Hogan, CCIE #25636 (R&S)
  • Ricard Badia, CCIE #25480 (R&S)
  • David Bluett, CCIE #25437 (R&S)
  • Kevin Kilpatrick, CCIE #25105 (R&S)
  • Wouter Prins, CCIE #25628 (R&S)
  • Nora Prommahachai, CCIE #25554 (R&S)
  • Anantha Subramanian Natarajan, CCIE #25652
  • Cassio Gomes, 2xCCIE #13900 (R&S/SP)
  • Chris Jones, CCIE #25655 (R&S)


Hey All,

I actually got the news less then 3 hours after my lab last Thursday, but
the celebration was ongoing :)

GS is a pretty cool resource, Darby and Nimmers from here helped me out with
a book list for final OEQ / LAB preparation and cheers to the people who
helped me out with the odd question I posted.

Like a lot of people I was fairly overwhelmed originally with Internetwork
Experts 5.0 Volume I workbooks but I worked on through it all (QOS broke my
brain, but im glad I covered it in that detail) and then reviewed when
required after seeing the scenario in a slightly different way which didn't
make sense or I got the scenario incorrect(or different) in their Volume II

Going through the Volume I workbook, reading about each of the variations
and the core technologies in the book and then on the DOCCD was a great

The extra info I got on here and on IEOC (and via the Mock Labs - if you
were thinking of doing these but aren't sure if they are worth it, do it)
from the entire INE crew was absolutely incredible, Larry Hadrava, Petr Lapukhov
(Brain busting blog posts) and the Brians (COD videos) really gave me the
extra detail and info required to understand each technology down to the
expert level.

The lab proctor Scott was a really funny guy, was there all day to answer
questions (questions about the questions, not the answer), tell some funny
stories at lunch and before the lab, I was pretty laid back and relaxed for
the day, in part because of the atmosphere that he helped to create.

Thanks to all people who take the time to post up informative and on-topic
posts and _massive_ thanks to the Internetwork Expert guys for the
incredible quality materials and the community participation.

Martin Hogan, CCIE# 25636


I wanted to thank Brian McGahan for sharing with us at the
bootcamp so many tips and for explaining very well the technologies
for RS. I also watched the Adv. Tech VoDs (invaluable), did 15 Labs,
3 mock labs and the Core knowledge Sim questions. I was fortunate to
pass the lab on the first attempt, thanks to all the great info from
your products and the labs. I will definitely be using your products
again for the next CCIE.

Ricard Badia CCIE RS #25480


Hi Internetworkexpert,

I'd like to let you know I passed my CCIE Routing and switching exam
on the 16th of September 2009.

My study materials included your DVD Class on Demand, and 3
workbooks. Without these materials preparation for the lab would have
been far more difficult.

Thank you for your excellent products.

David Bluett CCIE #25437


I passed my CCIE R&S on the first try. I took the test because it was
my last chance before the new version of the lab came out. I really
did not think I was ready for the lab yet. However, I still passed.
The ATC course and the Mock Labs definitely prepared me for the

Thank you,
Kevin Kilpatrick CCIE #25105


Hi all,

Finally its my turn!!! #25628 !!! What a relief! My head was one big
protocol/timer bomb that was set to detinate today!

I would like to thank everyone on this list (especially the archives), my
girlfriend for her patience, the INE team, Christian Zengl (#19533) and
everyone else i've been in contact with during this journey!

I've been using quite some materials and resources, the most ones used are:

- INE WB vol 1, 2 and 3
- Mocklabs from INE
- ASET Labs from Cisco
- Cisco Press Books (a lot of them!! CCNP and CCIP track)
- Routing TCP/IP, Volumes 1 and 2 - The bible of networking ;)
- Internet Routing Architectures - Sam Halabi
- CCIE Routing and Switching Exam Certification Guide
- Developing IP Multicast Networks
- Previous course materials from Foundry Networks and Extreme Networks
- Several blogs
- #cisco@freenode

And many more!!

I hope all other candidates from today in Brussels did well!
Wouter Prins



I passed the R&S lab in San Jose on Sep 25, 2009. Thank you to the excellent material, CCIE 2.0 from INE.

Nora Prommahachai CCIE #25554


Hi INE Team,

I would like to thank you all from my bottom of the heart for
helping me out in getting the CCIE.The course content were awesome
and the bootcamps where to the point related to the Lab exam.

I would like to personally thank Brian's,Anthony Sequeria,Stan
Yee(Sales),Marvin Greenle,Petr Laphukhov,Keith Barker and Scott

Please keep up the great work in making many people CCIE.
Once again thank you.Looking for future associations with you all

Anantha Subramanian Natarajan


I pass in the CCIE Service Provider LAB in the First attempt, it was

I'd like to thank IE due its excellent material, team and all support.

Cassio Gomes, Double CCIE R&S / SP #13900



I used your CCIE2.0 (End-to-End when I bought it) products to pass my CCIE R&S lab exam on the first attempt! I am now known as Chris Jones, CCIE# 25655 (R&S).

Special thanks to Anthony Sequeira for helping me on so many levels!

- Chris aka IPv6Freely

Chris Jones, CCIE# 25655 (R&S)


First of all, for all you guys waiting for more RS updates: three updated full-scale IEWB-RS VOL2 labs have been posted to all subscribed accounts. Another IEWB-RS VOL4 lab is to be posted this weekend.

And now, even better news - we have ten people passing their CCIE labs this week (or maybe even more, we may have not heard from all!). Here is the happy bunch:

  • Chris Riling CCIE #25581 (R&S)
  • Rasim Huseynov CCIE # 25610 (R&S)
  • Wilhelm Boeddinghaus CCIE #25603 (R&S)
  • Federico Cossu CCIE #25593 (R&S)
  • Andrew Forest CCIE # 25526 (R&S)
  • Keith Kim CCIE #25513 (R&S)
  • Ali Salim CCIE#25515 (R&S)
  • Jose Allan Villaescusa CCIE #25556 (R&S)
  • Paul Lavelle CCIE #25542 (R&S)
  • Naga Sayeenathan CCIE #25532 (R&S)

Our sincere congratulations to you all! We are glad we could help you on your way to your success! And now time for inspiring stories and insightful tips from the people who recently passed!


Hello INE,

I passed the route / switch lab in RTP on Sept. 29th. Couldn't have done it without your workbooks and instructors - thanks for helping me finally knock it out of the park!

Chris Riling CCIE # 25581


I passed my CCIE Routing and Switching lab in Tokyo on the 2th of October 2009. Thanks to Internetwork Expert.

Rasim Huseynov CCIE #25610



I was able to pass my lab exam yesterday. Thanks to INE for the great preperation material and the bootcamp in England. They are fantastic trainers.


Wilhelm Boeddinghaus CCIE #25603


Hi all,

i would like to appear on the left side of your web page :) My name is Federico Cossu CCIE R/S #25593, sept 30, bruxelles. proud owner of the ccie 2.0 self paced program :) A question: what will be of my account? will it expire?

Thank you all!

Federico Cossu CCIE #25593 (R&S)


Answer: Federico, your account stays with you forever! Plus, you will receive all updates for the products your purchased for FREE!


Hi Guys,

I just wanted to let you know I passed my R&S Lab exam in Brussels last week on my first attempt! I want to thank you for your excellent workbooks which I used exclusively to pass the exam. The whole process took around 18 months, but to solely study for the Lab took around 9 - 10 months.

The Products I used were:

IEWB v5 VOLI + VOLII Workbooks
INE Class on Demand
INE Audio class
INE Online Community

I wish to thank all the instructors for all their hard work in developing these products!

Kind Regards,

Andrew Forest CCIE # 25526


First of all, I am thanking God for my R&S exam result since I know that I couldn't have done this by myself.

And thank my wife for putting up with me for the past 11+ months so that I could focus and study. Now that I am expecting my princess this December, now I can focus and read to become a Dad. (HK, I love you, Honey!) This was just an earth-shattering experience for me and I couldn't have done this without people around me as well. So I also would like to thank them dearly. Finally, I would like to thank the following people to get me through this incredible journey. Managers at my work place (Mr.P and H) - They both went above and beyond to get me these IE trainings.

- Anthony S. - Excellent 5-Day Bootcamp! I was able to fill in lots of blanks that I had my doubts on.
- Stan Y. - Awesome after-sales support.
- Brian & Brian - Incredible COD!

Now, I can breathe and take a rest for awhile until I challenge the next beast.

Service Provider, here I come!

Thanks to you folks at Internetworkexpert and keep up the great work!

Keith Kim CCIE #25513


INE Team,

I wanted to thank everyone for developing excellent CCIE prep products, which immensely helped me in achieving my CCIE in the first attempt. I also wanted to thank my bootcamp instructors for putting together an excellent bootcamp and providing valuable technial input and time-saving techniques.


Ali Salim CCIE#25515



I Just wanted you to know that i passed my CCIE routing & switching LAB last Sept 25,2009 it was my second attempt. Your products (WORKBOOK I - III, MOCK LAB, CORE KNOWLEDGE SIMULATOR) really worked!!! :). The Class on Demand was excellent and helped to reinforce the blueprint topics and your workbook is hands down the best. .I'll be back for SP.


Jose Allan Villaescusa CCIE # 25556


I passed my CCIE Routing and Switching on 25th of September 2009. Thanks to all the team at Internetwork Expert for their excellent study material.

Paul Lavelle CCIE #25542 (R&S)


I have passed the CCIE R&S Lab on 24th of Sep 2009 and would like to thank the folks at INE. I started with the 10-day COD and Vol1 & Vol2 workbooks and attended the Mock lab workshop a week prior to my exam. The Vol1 workbook scenarios were good and reflected all the sections in the cisco's official blueprint. Mock lab workshop helped me to develop my configuration speed, identify my weaknesses and build my confidence. I would recommend INE to everybody who would like to achieve their CCIE certification.

Naga Sayeenathan CCIE #25532 (R&S)


And here is an extra success story from the person who passed last week (CCIE SP):

Hi Scott and Team,

I passed the CCIE SP lab in SJC on Friday Sep 25th. I will post my best practices here in the SP general forum for the benefit of the larger team. I have used the forums brain power on quite a few occassions and this is my humble contribution to the gang here:
I have 9 years of experience in the Service Provider side.

Preparation: (In this order)

1. Cisco Networkers 8 hour techtorial
2. IP Expert volume1 in Dynamips
3. IP Expert Volume2 in Dynamips
4. Internetwork Expert volume 2 in Dynamips
5. Internetwork Expert online Service provider Bootcamp
6. MPLABs in Dynamips
7. Internetwork Expert volume 2 + bootcamp scenarios repeated in Rack sessions of Graded labs provided via INE

As I went along, I would augment my reading and understanding on each technology. The real thing for me was item 5: the bootcamp, which just zoomed up my intensity level. Thanks to Scott for doing a great job on that and more importantly keeping it fun. But if you decide to take this, bear in mind that you need to be at a pretty good technology/configuration level to benefit the most from it.

Also the rack sessions in the latter part of the studies were really much better for me since my windows PC would have a major CPUHOG after the 5th or 6th section. I would not know whether an issue was of my creation or just contributed by my laptop. With the real rack, I had the freedom to enable debugs, generate streams using IP RTR, and ping the way I would really test a production network.

Some of my Best Practices:

1. During the week, I would login and try to complete a section after dinner in 2-3 hours. The next day really think through how that worked or did not work, come up with a list of items to read up on, how to find the relevant stuff by DOC-CD etc
2. The weekends: I will try to work for 3-7 hours depending on schedule.
3. All along my preparation, I came up wih a list of cheatsheets by section and revise them at every step of the way. Read up on each technology and write notes on how the config and the funda go hand in hand.
4. Check Forum postings religiously wherever I am and pay attention to what the experts are saying. However use your own logic and common-sense on what to adopt and what not.
5. During the month before the lab date, focus on speed.
6. Take a deep breath before configuing something crazy based on the interpretation of a question. Most often there is a simple solution to it. Not the roundabout way of doing things. After configuring read everything back again to ensure you got ALL the requirements.

Lab Date: I really liked the San Jose lab for the wide screen LCD displays and a professional setup. My only complaint was that nobody made regular coffee in the breakroom, and I had no time to make a pot. There was decaf which I just spit out as it tasted horrible. In the afternoon I just made myself a hot green tea which worked great. Also I was shocked to see a guy dozing in the break room :) Hopefully not a CCIE candidate that day :). Beware of the drops in intensity after lunch etc and motivate yourself to chug through it.

Whats next: Maybe some dabbling in the Juniper world. But for now giving as much of time back to friends and family who I have been avoiding for several months.

Thanks again,

Prasanna Ramachandran CCIE #25551

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