INE is thrilled to thank another valuable member of our hugely popular Online Community (IEOC.COM). This week it is Ivan Krimmel. You all know Ivan by his awesome screen name and avatar, NTllect. Ivan has selected to receive 150 rack rental tokens from Graded Labs. Congratulations Ivan. Enjoy your studies and thanks so much for all of the excellent work in the forum. Ivan was introduced to Networking back in 2005, when he first saw several NT servers connected in a small LAN via a hub. This was... Read More
I blogged a couple weeks ago about having all of the Volume I and II workbooks finished and shipping the week of the 23rd of November. Well it's the week of the 23rd of November and the Volume I and II workbooks for ALL CCIE tracks are finished and shipping! Read More
Here is a quick rundown of our product updates: Read More
12-day CCIE R&S Bootcamp students often indicate that the most important day of the training is Day 3 of the 6-Day Mock Lab Workshop. This entire day is dedicated to a discussion about successful strategy for passing the CCIE Lab Exam. The strategy discussion begins with effective study techniques, and then guides students through everything from the night before the exam, to what is best to do during the lunch break! Read More
Huge congratulations and thanks to Dmitriy Litvinko of the IEOC.COM online community for his outstanding support of his fellow peers. INE has sent Dmitriy Litvinko a $50 Gift Card for Read More
Lab 3 for our CCIE Routing & Switching Lab Workbook Volume 2 Version 5.0 is now posted on the members site.  A Lab Meet-Up for this scenario is scheduled today at 10:00 Pacific time (GMT -8).  The Class-on-Demand version will be posted shortly afterwards.  More labs in this series will begin posting next week, which will give people more time to actually configure the scnearios before attending the Lab Meet-Ups. Read More
Our blog site continues to skyrocket in viewers and active participants. Thank you so much for supporting this site and reading and commenting on what we have to say. We love to teach and WRITE, and without your support, the blog WRITING part would certainly be wasted. ☺ One of the things I keep noticing about our blog is Cisco questions pretty unrelated to a particular blog in the comments for a certain post. I wanted to take this opportunity to remind all of our readers about a powerful... Read More
The QoS section for our new CCIE Routing & Switching Lab Workbook Volume 1 Version 5 is now completed and posted on the members site!  In its completed format this document consists of over 80 sections and totals nearly 500 pages. This is by far the most complete single resource I have ever seen for QoS on Cisco IOS. Special thanks to Petr Lapukhov for his intense research and unparalleled expertise in the development of this topic area. The following sections are now available in QoS:... Read More
IEWB-RS Volume 2 Version 5 Lab 2 is now available for download on the members site.  The solutions will be posted tomorrow morning.  I hope to see you all at the lab meetup tomorrow to discuss the scenario. Read More
We all know how hectic it can be to balance work, family life, and keep up our study schedules for the CCIE lab, especially during the weekdays.  For those of you that haven't been able to attend the Open Lecture Series or Lab Meet-Up Series during the week, now is your chance to catch up! Read More

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