Don't miss out on four new networking courses, now part of your INE Networking Pass! Led by INE expert instructors Piotr Kaluzny, Keith Bogart and Rohit Pardasani, these courses feature over twenty hours of content, including graded quizzes to test your skills.  Read More
This week, follow along with INE instructor Rohit Pardasani as he takes you through implementing and optimizing OSPF v2/v3 and ISIS Protocols. These networking courses cover essential skills needed to fully understand the CCNP Service Provider certification. Read More
Discover the concepts and practices you need to know in order to take on the CCNP Data Center exam with help from three new courses from INE Networking expert Brian McGahan.  Read More
Is your CCNP ENSARI exam date forthcoming? Are you full of fear and anxiety? Are you concerned that you're not full of fear and anxiety? No matter where you are in the preparation stage, INE's new course, CCNP ENARSI Exam Review, will ensure you're ready to go on test day. Read More
As Cisco prepares to release their completely revamped Certifications for 2020, with an increasing emphasis on Software Defined Networks (SDNs) and their components within those certs, a lot of folks have been asking; are SDNs diminishing the value of the CCIE or CCNP? Read More
We just added the following spring and fall 2019 dates to our bootcamp calendar!   Read More
  This course is intended for network and voice professionals looking to further improve their knowledge, or prepare themselves for the CTCOLLAB exam. In this course we will be looking at everything troubleshooting, starting with Registration, Call Setup, Dial Plan Replication, Application, Media Resources, Call Quality and Video Conferencing Architecture. This course will be delivered in lecture based format with plenty of hands on practical demonstrations. Read More
      We've Updated Our Bootcamps Schedule! Below you'll find all of the current Bootcamp dates and locations for our 2019 CCNA, CCNP and CCIE Bootcamps. For more information regarding our updated schedule visit bootcamps.ine.com. Read More
Head over to our Bootcamps Site to view all of our upcoming Bootcamps. Read More
Since 2003 we've been helping IT professionals reach their career goals with help from top notch instructors and training materials. One of our most popular training resources - INE Bootcamps, continue to wow students and are a major step in the journey towards earning your certification. Thinking about signing up but aren't sure what to expect? Take it from our current students, participating in an INE Bootcamp is the best way to ensure you'll succeed in passing your certification exams. Read More

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