Are you planning to take the CCIE Security Lab Exam? Are you interested in how DOT1X or MAB is configured?  If so you'll want to check out INE expert instructor Rohit Pardasani's recent webinar- "DOT1X and MAB".  In this webinar Rohit gives an easy to understand introduction to DOT1X/MAB Authentication where you will learn how IP Phones and PCs get authenticated to join the network, as well as how to configure ISE and troubleshoot DOT1X/MAB authentication failures.  Read More
It's one thing to understand and be aware of Cisco ACI. It's another thing entirely to have actually hands-on experience. INE's new course wants to help you turn your knowledge into action. Read More
INE's new course, Implementing Cisco Threat Control Solutions: 300-210 SITCS, covers the basics of Service Provider Routing, Multi-Protocol Label Switching, Label Signaling protocols, and both Layer 2 and Layer 3 VPNs. Read More
This year at Cisco Live 2019 in San Diego, Cisco announced a major revamp to their entire certification program, from Associate Level all the way up to Expert Level. It’s not atypical for Cisco to announce changes to an individual certification track’s blueprint at Cisco Live, but to announce this level of change to the entire program is unprecedented. So, what do you, as the reader, need to know about these changes? First, DON’T PANIC! Whichever certification path you’re currently working on... Read More
  Our newest Cisco course, Introducing Cisco Data Center Networking, will walk you through each of the 5 domains of of the DCICN 200-150 exam, including: Physical Infrastructure Networking Concepts Advanced Networking Storage Concepts Advanced Storage Ready to learn how to install, configure, and maintain Cisco data center networking and technology with Timothy Henderson? Log into your All Access Pass Members Account to get started on your DCICN training. Read More
Expert instructor, Rohit Pardasani, just released his newest Cisco Security course, Web Security Appliance. This comprehensive, hands-on training course prepares students to install, configure, operate and maintain the Cisco Web Security Appliance (WSA). The course also covers how to configure and deploy Cisco Web Security solutions. Login to your All Access Pass members account to watch! Read More
Cisco keeps giving this week by allowing any desktop to join - for free - into any existing Telepresence video, and the quality of this video is really, really good. John Chambers recently said that Video is already the #1 traffic driver over Cisco's internal network, and that by 2013 it is expected that over 90% of all traffic over the internet will be based on Video. There's never been a better time to be training for Unified Communications! Read More
Just announced at the Cisco Partner Summit yesterday, Cisco is making Unified Presence, IM and it's Jabber client for Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone, Cisco Cius, Blackberry and all Android devices completely FREE. This probably has something to do with how badly they've been spanked in Presence server and client sales by Microsoft basically giving away the presence features of Lync (although MS does make you pay when you want to add Voice/Video features to those clients - just as Cisco will). At any... Read More
In our CCDP bootcamp, we examined Cisco’s implementation of Virtual Private LAN Services (VPLS) in some detail. One blog that I promised our students was more information about how large enterprises or Internet Service Providers can enhance the scalbility of this solution. First, let us review the issues that influence its scalability. We covered these in the course, but they are certainly worth repeating here. Remember that VPLS looks just like an Ethernet switch to the customers. As such,... Read More
Here is the recommended reading list that several asked for from our CCDP Bootcamp. Thanks again to all that attended for the awesome participation and discussions. Read More

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