Online learning has completely transformed the education world. Gone are the days where the only way to dive deep into an area of interest required sitting in a classroom with harsh fluorescent lighting and heavy backpacks stuffed with books. Now, you can master just about any subject you want with only a strong internet connection and a desktop or mobile device. Read More
Around this time last year, employees around the world were forced to bring their work home without knowing when, or if, they could return to their usual working environments. This resulted in an immediate and massive shift in the work landscape as we all tried to adapt to our “new normal”.  Read More
Cloud computing has fundamentally changed how organizations store, maintain, and analyze data as well as develop and deploy applications, becoming a critical component of global business operations of all sizes. Read More
So you want to play bass like legendary Bootsy Collins? That takes a lot of practice. But how do you have time to play along with Bootsy when you are worried about sensitive data in your Amazon S3 buckets? Let's see what we can do. Read More
INE’s Cloud Week may have come to a close, but that doesn’t mean the fun is over! With our recap, you can enjoy all of the content again, or for the first time if you weren’t able to join us during the live events. Read More
Cloud computing has quickly become a critical component of global business operations of all sizes. As with many other aspects of the IT industry, it continues to evolve and grow, all while maintaining its significance and becoming one of the most sought after skills of professionals in the IT world.  Read More
The wait is over, and cloud week is officially here; but don’t worry - no umbrellas needed. We’re not talking grey skies and rain, we’re talking about a week-long celebration of all things cloud! Whether you are a cloud novice or cloud pro, we have featured content for all professional levels and backgrounds. Read More
Working towards a professional level Azure certification? If so you'll want to check out Tracy Wallace's newest courses, included in INE's Cloud training. Each course contains several hours of in-depth instruction, graded quizzes to test your comprehension and hands-on Azure tasks to practice your skills.  Read More
Looking for new professional-level Cloud courses to help you become an expert? The winter holidays are the perfect time to dive into INE's newest content from Microsoft expert Jonathan Summers:  Read More
Careers in cloud Technologies are on the rise, which means the need to get certified and stand out from the pack has never been greater. This week, we have released three new courses from INE instructor and Microsoft Azure expert Tracy Wallace- created to help you solidify the skills needed to navigate the AZ-104 and AZ-204 certification exams and get certified.  Read More

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