UPDATE: We Have a Winner! Congratulations to Fredy and Antonis for both answering the question correctly. Because we only had 2 answers to this contest (and it's the second time we've run it), and they were both correct, as well as both having gone above and beyond the requirements to answer the basic question/problem, but adding additional correct and excellent configurations and annotations -- we are awarding each of them the same prize! At a most basic level, the problem with my... Read More
Time for another INE Voice Trivia Contest. This week we will wait until Friday morning to choose a winner, giving you all a few days to come up with correct responses. Here is the problem that needs solving for this week's Voice Trivia Contest: Integration with an corporate LDAP has been properly setup and many users have been imported into the CUCM server, but now it has been requested that an LDAP Custom Filter be built in order to limit the imported users down to only a few. The base LDAP... Read More
I am running this week's Voice Trivia Contest a bit early (launching it on Thursday instead of Friday) to try to give more people a chance to win that might not otherwise see this over the weekend, however we will still end the contest on Monday morning, as usual. Here are the facts for this week's Voice Trivia Contest: Tobias has a phone on which he needs to be able to have two BLF SD buttons that accurately show the presence status of Gob, Buster and Lindsay's primary DNs. This needs to... Read More
Austin has devised a dial plan that meets the needs of his company (Backyard Adventures, Inc), and one of the core components of it meets a requirement set forth by his company's executive branch - namely, that although people in U.S. offices of his company dial a '9' as a PSTN access code prior to dialing any additional digits for outside public calls, the executive branch dictates that they do not want the IP phones that dialed such a number to see that preliminary '9' on the phone's display,... Read More
Pablo is using his Cisco 7961 IP phone. He goes to look at his 'Missed Calls' and sees that he missed a call that had come in from a local PSTN number. The number in his missed call looked exactly like this: +12065015111 He needs the ability to look at this missed call and simply press the 'Dial' softkey --and nothing more-- to return the call immediately - with no inter-digit timeout, and of course successful call routing back to the PSTN caller. Read More
Answers for Part II So the answers to the exciting tasks at hand.... There was a good amount of activity surrounding answers submitted for the contest!  It was good to see that many people interested in them!  Now, it's time to go through the answers and stretch the imagination a bit!  Be prepared for some stretching as well! One quick thing to point out before we get started, there was a question asked about why /24 routes won't have a ".255" as the fourth octet.  This really depends on how we... Read More
I know, I know...  I promised this a while back, after I did the first part.  Sorry 'bout that! So we've played around a bit with the access-list idea and some binary matching.  So let's expand our brains even further! I will start out by telling everyone that I am NOT picking on or otherwise attempting to insult any CCNA's out there by comparing methodology to what is learned in CCNA.  The idea being that there are basic and advanced ways to learn things. When we all first learned fractions,... Read More

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