As a follow up to today's Cisco announcement, removing the Core Knowledge section from both CCIE Routing & Switching and CCIE Voice exams, INE is offering all our  customers a $99 credit that can be applied to any purchase over $500. Since the Core Knowledge section of the CCIE Exam was announced, we worked hard to deliver you a simulation that would give you the confidence to pass.  We would like to thank all those who used the Core Knowledge Simulator and we were thrilled to hear how it helped you pass.  With the Core Knowledge section being removed from the exam, we would like to use this time to give back to you.  Please, take this $99 credit as our way to say thank-you, and to celebrate this portion of the exam getting removed.  To redeem this credit, simply use promo code INE-OEQ . Remember, INE's got you covered.  Act now, this offer expires soon.

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News that everyone has been expecting eagerly: Effective May 10th Cisco is taking the core knowledge section off the CCIE R&S and Voice lab exams! Over a year of existence, this part of the exam received most controversy of all. There has been a lot of things said about how flawed the idea of core knowledge testing was. Firstly, a test of four questions could never properly assess anyone's knowledge. Secondly, error margin was unacceptable high due to vaguely presented questions and unclear grading procedure. Lastly, some recent promo actions that Cisco ran created a lot of controversy in the CCIE community. However, good or bad, it's all gone now, and this fact should be a huge relief for many CCIE candidates. The time that has been previosly allocated to OEQs is now reallocated to the Configuration section, so you now have extra 30 minutes of configuration time.

What next? Hopefully, Cisco has a plan to deal with those who failed Core Knowledge before that change, but passed the Configuration section. Also, we sincerely hope Cisco would introduce more "fine-grained" procedures to thwart brain-dumpers and preserve the exam integrity. Plus, we still have to see Troubleshooting added to SP and Security tracks and OEQ eliminated there as well. We shall see!

The official information could be found at the CCIE page:


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The following questions will be added to the Core Knowledge Simulation engine.   Answers will be provided in the comments section.

Implement Identity Management

Refer to the diagram.   The software running on the PC performs what role?

Basic 802.1x

Configure Cisco IPS to mitigate network threats

Refer to the diagram.   How are IPS alerts from the IOS router collected on IME and MARS?


Implement secure networks using Cisco ASA Firewalls

When a new policy-map is applied globally, what effect does that have on the interfaces of the ASA?

Implement secure networks using Cisco VPN solutions

What layer 4 ports / protocols would  typically be used as part of a GDOI implementation?

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