One of the most comprehensive ways to gather Technical OSINT on a penetration testing target is to use a search engine called “Shodan.” Shodan isn’t a normal search engine like Google or DuckDuckGo. What Shodan does is scan the internet for devices.  Read More
IT teams that access dark forums for cyber security intelligence are urged to use caution and practice transparency. While dark markets and the dark web can provide valuable information for cyber security professionals, organizations and individuals need to follow laws and regulations and maintain open lines of communication with law enforcement to avoid major investigative scrutiny. That’s what the DOJ is saying in a recently published report outlining the intricacies of accessing the Dark... Read More
Modern businesses face critical risks from cyber security threats such as phishing, malware and ransomware. Organizations must train employees to detect, respond, manage, and thwart cyber attacks. Cybersecurity awareness training plays a critical role in building a resilient enterprise security infrastructure. Non-technical employees are often the first line of defense for organizations looking to thwart cyber security breaches. Yet, security training is often exclusively confined to... Read More

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