We all know Python is a popular programming language used by developers all over the world. According to GitHub's Octoverse report from 2018, Python is ranked #3 in the 'Top 10 Most Popular Languages' list, with over 3.1M developers and 2.1M organizations on its platform. It has also replaced Java as the most popular language used to teach computer science at top U.S. universities. In other words, Python is winning the hearts of existing developers as well as gaining prospective users in the... Read More
This webinar demonstrates the work you can accomplish within an NBA Data Science project using Python. Read More
New member of the INE IT Training family, RMOTR, has officially launched their updated, on-demand website. Read More
Creating a learning experience that resonates with our users is a privilege we don't take lightly. We're always searching for new opportunities to expand our content library and offer high-quality courses covering the topics you care about. That's why we can't wait to share with you what's coming next. Read More
Technology has been on the move ever since the invention of the wheel. As it continues to gain momentum, a pessimist may scream that we’re on an uncontrollable slide downward. But an optimist may say we’re gathering speed for takeoff. Whether you believe disaster is imminent or incredible opportunities await, you still have a role to play in this evolving landscape. Are you prepared? Read More

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