Perfect for anyone who works in the Networking field, Understanding DHCP, DNS, and NTP Services, led by INE expert instructor Keith Bogart, is an engaging and informative course you can't miss. Read More
The DHCP Information option (Option 82) is commonly used in metro or large enterprise deployments to provide additional information on “physical attachment” of the client. Option 82 is supposed to be used in distributed DHCP server/relay environment, where relays insert additional information to identify the client’s point of attachment. Read More
A question on GroupStudy gave me an idea for the short post dedicated to explaining the use of DHCP “import all” command. The command first appeared in IOS 12.2T. It allows importing certain DHCP information learned from some external source, such as another DHCP server. This is helpful in reducing the amount of configuration needed in large hub-and-spoke networks, where spokes use centralized servers (e.g. WINS, DNS, TFTP). Instead of configuring the repetitive settings in every spoke router,... Read More
If you ever used IPCP for address allocation with PPP ("ip address negotiated" on client side and "peer default ip address" on server side) you may have noticed that the mask assigned to a client is always /32. It does not matter what mask a server uses on it's side of the connection, just PPP is designed to operate this way. Read More

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