One of the questions we hear all of the time here at Internetwork Expert is "what kind of diagrams will be given to me in the CCIE lab exam?" And the answer is - "drum roll please" - NO ONE CAN TELL YOU THAT! Not because of an NDA violation or anything like that...it is because Cisco provides different diagrams in context and in style with the various iterations of the CCIE lab exam they are constantly creating to distribute to candidates. It is actually one of the things that can make the exam... Read More
We see our students at all levels sometimes struggle building a network from the "ground-up" using a logical topology diagram. Let us use this blog post to examine a portion of a logical diagram and discuss how one could most easily and accurately setup the network. Read More
There are a lot of rumors floating around in regards to diagrams in the R&S CCIE lab.  Cisco officially has said little in regards to this other than the following "the lab document has L1/L2 diagrams for the physical connectivity as well as an IP or topology diagram and an IP Routing diagram".  This is similar to what we provide in our labs but I would venture to say that they don't take the time we do to ensure that they look as nice as ours ;)  What Cisco and we do not provide is a true... Read More

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