While many people are counting down the days until the start of the holiday season, cyber criminals around the world are counting down the days too, but for a much different reason. Read More
Phishing attacks have been a nuisance for the IT industry for a long time. As the holiday season approaches, organizations must focus their efforts on raising cyber security awareness to counter the effects of social engineering. Every day, cyber criminals find new ways to cheat individuals and businesses online. Whether it’s credential theft, ransomware or corporate espionage, new technologies make it increasingly easy for cyber criminals to disrupt our daily lives. Phishing continues to do... Read More
Today’s breaches continue to start with compromised email accounts, with monetary gain remaining the top motivation for stealing login credentials. Typically, these are opportunistic attacks, a sort of spray and pray tactic. According to ProofPoint’s report Human Factor 2019, 25% of phishing emails in 2018 were generic credential harvesting. Phishing is the number one attack vector, mainly because social engineering is still a wildly successful way to compromise users because so many people... Read More
October is Cyber Security Awareness Month. Today we're discussing what  a Business Email Compromise is, and why cyber security professionals should care.  Read More

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