Hi Everyone,

In response to the recent feedback from our students, we have implemented several changes to our IEWB-RS VOL1 and VOL2 workbooks. Specifically, ten out of twenty VOL2 labs have been modified to match the lab “style” used in the new CCIE R&S configuration section. The modification include the following:

  • Merging together some Layer2/IGP/BGP tasks into larger sections with higher score, e.g. 4 or 5 points. This is what Cisco seems to be doing to the sections known as “core” previously. Larger sections are harder to complete, since the chances of mistake are now higher. Beside, the "core" topics now have less points than it was previously.
  • Adding more “non-core” topics, such as IP Services, IOS Features, Security, QoS, OER, IPv6 and so on. You will see the updated labs to shift more points towards the non-core sections.

The modified VOL2 labs are all labs with odd-numbers (1,3,5...). The even numbered labs retain the “older” style (small modular tasks) to give you a variety of different approaches. You may take the labs in normal sequence (1,2,3...) or if you have limited time run through the updated labs only. I would recommend taking all the labs for better topic coverage. You may look at the free sample “new-style” lab by following this link: IEWB-RS VOL2 Sample Lab The first three updated labs will be posted today, with the remaining being gradually posted through the week (I only need to update the solutions for these).

In addition to VOL2 modification, the following VOL1 focused technology scenarios are being developed and scheduled for delivery the coming weekend:

  1. PPPoE Server
  2. PPPoE Client
  3. EEM: CLI Events
  4. EEM: Monitoring Interface Counters
  5. EEM: Syslog Events
  6. EEM: Working with SNMP
  7. EEM: Embedded Resource Manager
  8. IPv6 EIGRPv6 Setup
  9. IPv6 EIGRPv6 Summarization
  10. IPv6 PIMv6
  11. IPv6 MLD
  12. IPv6 BSR
  13. IPv6 Embedded RP
  14. IPv6 SSM
  15. QoS HQF Bandwidth
  16. QoS HQF Fair-Queue
  17. QoS HQF Random Detection
  18. QoS HQF Shaping

New updated Dynamips labs will be posted this week as well (due to this urgent change to VOL2 we had to delay Dynamips release a little bit). As for remaining VOL4 labs, they have been a bit delayed due to the VOL2 updates but still coming this month.

We’re constantly monitoring the feedback our students give us (within the scope of NDA, of course!) and optimize our products accordingly. Happy studying and thanks for choosing INE!


Hello Everyone!

For those of you preparing for the updated CCIE R&S exam - half of our Full-Scale Labs workbook (10 labs) have been fully updated to match the requirements of the new, CCIE R&S v4.0 blueprint. The full-scale scenarios have been significantly changed and a lot of new tasks added. You will find such exciting topics as MPLS VPN, Zone Based Firewall, EEM, and many others. Like mentioned in previous posts, the new labs do not include the basic configuration requirements, but rather ask you to deal with advanced scenarios, having a lot of things already pre-configured. The remaining ten full-scale labs we expect to complete in October. Of course, every existing owner of VOL2 gets these updates absolutely FREE!

Now for those of you who want more advanced technology mini-scenarios: we posted the initial version of the new MPLS VPN section for our IEWB-RS VOL1 workbook. It includes the initial 7 minilabs out of the following list of the labs for the new section:

  • VRF Lite
  • MPLS Label Filtering
  • MP-BGP VPNv4
  • MP-BGP Prefix Filtering
  • PE-CE Routing with RIP
  • PE-CE Routing with OSPF
  • OSPF Sham-Link
  • PE-CE Routing with EIGRP
  • EIGRP SOO and Cost Community
  • PE-CE Routing with BGP
  • BGP AS Override
  • Internet Access
  • Central Services VPN
  • Extranets
  • MPLS VPN Performance Tuning

This particular section should be completed next week, followed by part of our Security mini-scenarios to cover the new security-relevant topics of the updated CCIE R&S blueprint. And not only this, more updates to VOL4 are coming next week as well!

Thanks for choosing INE, and happy studying!


First of all, for those who have just started using Dynamips for their studies I strongly recommend looking over the following link Running IOS on PC. On that page you may also find the links to the Dynagen topology file for the previous edition of our virtual topology. As for GNS3 fans, Brian McGahan is working on the topology for this platform and plans to release it soon as well.

Now for the new Dynamips topology – the main change when comparing to the old one is the replacement of 3640 platform with 3725 router, which supports IOS 12.4T. Best of all, the 3725 routers with “ADV. ENTERPRISE SERVICES” images support most of the IOS features required for the updated CCIE R&S exam, including MPLS VPNs, ZFW, EIGRPv6 and OER. Additionally, the use of 3725 platform means we now have the built-in FastEthernet controller, which allows to get rid of the NM-4E modules used int 3640s. As a consequence, some interface names have changed too - specifically, all “Ethernet 0/X” interfaces have translated to “FastEthernet 0/X”.

You may find a sample .NET file for Dynagen here; the file has been created with a dual-CPU workstation on mind. However, a more powerful platform is recommended to simulate the full CCIE R&S rack (10+3 routers). Notice that you need to provide a correct path to the IOS image used in the topology as well as obtain the image itself. You may also need to edit other directory variables, such as working directory in order to get working configuration. Of course, you may want to play around with the IdlePC value to obtain optimal performance with your hardware platform and operating system. As a side note, two good tricks to reduce the load on your CPU

1) Disable spanning-tree for all VLANs in SW1-SW4 and provide a loopless topology by shutting down unused links and connecting switching in a star topology.
2) Shut down the backbone routers and only bring them up for testing purposes.

And finally, for the Dynamips version of our Full-Scale Labs Workbook. This one is coming right after we finish updating the “classic” VOL2 for the new R&S lab blueprint. You may expect the first “fully-Dynamips” labs to appear by the mid of October.

Happy studying!


Hi Everyone,

We are excited to announce the release of the remaining CCIE Security Workbook full-scale scenarios (IEWB-SC VOL2) supporting the latest CCIE Security Lab Blueprint. The remaining Labs 8 through 10 have been posted to all subscribed accounts. The workbook is now complete, and the printed version will soon be available for shipping. Our updated full-scale labs are packed with advanced scenarios, covering all new topics in the new exam, such as GET VPN, VRF-aware IPSec, LDAP Authentication, NAC, virtual sensors, anomaly detection, IOS IPS and transparent firewall, Zone Based Firewall and many more. Those of you, who dont yet have this product, may want to check the FREE sample lab scenario and part of the solution to this lab.CCIE Security VOL2 workbook is perfect hands-on solution to get you fully prepared for the actual CCIE Security lab exam.

The full-scale labs scenarios complement our Advanced Technology Labs found in CCIE Security Workbook Volume I. This workbook contains hundreds of technology-focused scenarios, with in-depth explanations. Notice that even though Volume I labs already cover all relevant CCIE Security technologies, a work is in progress to enhance the existing scenarios, adding more breakdowns content. You will see more updates (FREE for existing customers!) coming this and next months.

In addition to the above-mentioned products, you may want to check our Core Knowledge Simulator, which is now being enhanced with more questions. You may expect to see a large amount of totally new questions added to this product next two weeks. Of course, absolute free if you already purchased the product!

Thanks for choosing INE and happy studying!


Hi Everyone,

I know it took some time, but here we go: new full-scale Routing and Switching and Security labs are now being delivered to your members account. Two new labs have been posted under both IEWB-RS VOL2 v5.0 (updated Labs 1 and 2) and IEWB-SC VOL2 v5.0 (updated Labs 6 and 7) member areas.

The new Routing and Switching labs now fully reflect the upcoming changes in CCIE R&S lab exam. Specifically, every lab will now feature MPLS VPN section and new technologies added in IOS 12.4T such as Zone-Based Firewall, Control-Plane Protection and many others. Not only this, the whole full-scale lab paradigm have been shifted. You are no longer required to do a lot of basic configurations, such as creating VLAN, initializing IGPs, setting up BGP peerings and so on. Instead, you will find many settings such as switchport to VLAN assignment and basic IGP configuration already done for you. The full-scale scenarios now require you enhancing or tuning the existing configurations and are even more challenging than they was before. As many people would agree, discovering and working with the existing configuration is much harder than creating your own from scratch!

The total lab point value for R&S labs has been reduced to 79 points with a passing score of 64. This reflects the current situation in the CCIE testing, where Core Knowledge Section has taken 21 points away from the 100-point exam. As you may know, with the addition of the Troubleshooting section the total amount of point could become even less, probably as low as 54 points! However, we still decided to keep the point values of our full-scale labs higher, to provide you with more challenging scenarios than you could expect in the real exam.

Next, we plan releasing more full-scale labs for R&S track gradually every week. The full update of IEWB-RS VOL2 labs should to be completed by the 3rd week of September, as well as delivery of the new VOL1 sections, covering MPLS VPNs and 12.4T features. Oh, and did I mention that another two labs for IEWB-RS VOL4 (Advanced Troubleshooting) are on their way to being posted? :)

And lastly, some really good news for our CCIE Security students. In addition to the two labs that have been posted already, we plan releasing the remaining three labs next week and complete the update of our IEWB-SC VOL2 workbook. After this, you will see more updates coming to the IEWB-SC VOL1 technology focused scenarios.

Thanks for choosing INE and happy studying!

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